WNST Purple roadtrip in the works…

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At the risk of jinxing our victory efforts tomorrow, I’ve been fielding an array of emails, Facebook IMs and texts regarding the Ravens playoff possibilities and whether WNST will be putting together roadies to Miami, New England or New York.

Obviously, a Ravens victory (or a Pats loss) is imperative in any of this but since it appears we’re all planning ahead…just in case, right? LOL…

The biggest issue in planning any of this stuff is three fold:

1.    We don’t know if they’re going to win so we can’t hold much of anything.
2.    We don’t know what day or time they’ll play.
3.    We don’t know what city they’ll play in.

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And, again, they have to WIN first…

Here is what we know:

If the Dolphins win, we will NOT be planning a WNST “Miller Lite Purple Roadie” group trip but we will be planning some kind of pep rally in South Florida at a location TBD. The flights in an out of South Florida (Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach) are all pretty much sold out. Without chartering a plane (which is not surprisingly extremely cost-prohibitive) getting any significant group of people into South Florida (save for a 15-hour bus ride) is crazy at this point. Party, yes. Group trip, no. (If anbody rents cheap jets for a living, drop me a note.)

If the Ravens play in New England, we will DEFINITELY be running a bus trip to Foxboro. We’ve already have everything in place.

If the Ravens play the Jets at the Meadowlands, we will DEFINITELY be running a bus trip to New Jersey. We already have everything in place.

Again, a lot has to happen. But feel free to drop me an email (nasty@wnst.net) and we’ll get you on the interest list. We expect the trips to be in the $350 to $500 range, depending on the location, need for hotels, tickets, etc.

If you believe in “jinxing” the team, then pretend you didn’t read this.

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