WNST’s biggest roadie ever is today to The Bronx

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It’s bright and early and we’re off to have an amazing day as we take five busloads (that’s 285 people) to Yankee Stadium today to potentially see the Orioles sweep the Yanks in the Bronx.

Forecast: 84 and sunny!

We’re loaded up 35 cases of Miller Chill and Miller Lite. We’ve got juice and water and soda chilled as well. Captain Harvey’s has thrown some snacks on the buses. And we have a peppering of tickets in virtually every section in the stadium.

It’ll be a sea of orange!

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I’ll be shooting a ton of wnsTV footage from trip.

We literally turned away a few hundred people who wanted to go but we couldn’t arrange any more tickets at the original price.

Next year, we’ll be doing even more Orioles roadies because they’ve been immensely popular this year. I think the D.C. weekend journey will be a major annual event!

Look for us on TV today!

We’ll be the ones yelling for Dennis Sarfate!

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