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IMPORTANT: King of Baltimore Sports voting update!!!

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Well, we’re getting to the end of the Toyota Live Web King of Baltimore Sports competition and it’s been heated during this round because what we have left are the four legitimate “kings” of this city’s rich sports heritage.

We’ve learned lots of thing doing this “first-ever” competition of its kind online.

1.    People try to cheat.

2.    People with an agenda and some extra time on their hands will attempt to rig the contest.

3.    Computer hacking is always a possibility.

4.    People HATE registering for websites to vote in contests (even if there’s a lot of money and prizes at stake!) THEY HATE IT but there’s no other way we can give you a prize if you don’t give us your address!

5.    This was all just a ploy by we “locals and great unwashed” at WNST to actually get people to take stock of how many awesome athletes Baltimore has had since 1958 when the Colts made Baltimore a city that was known for its sports teams and legendary competitors.


The truth: we love all of these guys as much as you do.

And the real truth: there are no winners and losers, just great memories and great conversations.

So here’s the deal: we’re down to the end and we want to encourage EVERYONE to vote.

We had massive computer server issues with the contest and the site on Monday, which crashed our whole system for a few hours.

So beginning right now, we’re gonna open up the voting to the general public here over the final 72 hours and let everyone play and vote.


You’ll only be able to vote ONCE PER DAY. (If people are attempting to hack through and spam on behalf of Johnny Unitas or Brooks Robinson or Cal Ripken or Jim Palmer, God bless them!)


But you can vote through midnight on Friday night when we’ll shut the contest down.

On Monday at 8 a.m., we’ll announce our Final Matchup. Voting will take place all week until Friday.

Next Friday, at our 10th Anniversary at Sports Legends Museum, we’ll announce the winner!

It’s been fun. It’s been educational, both about the athletes and about online sports contests in Baltimore.

People are passionate.

And that’s a great thing.

I think Palmer should win, but he’s clearly the longshot in this race.

Off to New York City for a potential Orioles sweep at Yankee Stadium!

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