And down goes the Sunday streak!


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Just when you started to believe that the Orioles had a full-fledged Sunday “jinx” on their hands, they battled back against the best team in baseball for a 5-2 win to avert a sweep at the hands of the Los Angeles Angels and to break the wretched streak of 15 consecutive Sundays of losses.
It’s been a hard fall into the cellar of the A.L. East for the Birds. Bad pitching, bad news on Adam Loewen, mounting losses and a veritable “bum of night” on the hill when Jeremy Guthrie isn’t getting the ball. Even Brian Roberts had fallen into a 0-for-10 slump before taking a breather yesterday in the day game after a night.
With the inevitable fall in interest comes the rising purple tide of Westminster and the beckoning call of NFL season pulling us away from Camden Yards. Be honest: the Ravens starting quarterback battle and John Harbaugh’s first camp is imminently more sexy and interesting than whether or not the Orioles can actually finish in fourth place.
I’m seeing many orange ticket listings around town and people dumping tickets for what remains of the Orioles’ 11th consecutive season with nary a meaningful game. Tickets are quite plentiful and the seats on MASN are starting to take on that deep forest green in the backdrop again, even on a formerly big dates like the Floppy Hat giveaway on Friday night.
The trading deadline looms at 4 p.m. on Thursday, and the remaining daily O’s fans will turn their attention to the possibilities of a move or two by Andy McPhail. Why not unload some of the last-place baggage? Why not continue to till for another Adam Jones or Luke Scott? Why not try to figure out this gaping hole at shortstop?
The one thing that’s almost certain: McPhail won’t act on bringing Matt Wieters up to the show for a cup of September coffee because it would start costing them valuable time on his service dates toward arbitration eligibility. If you want proof that the Orioles go hard line their employees, see: Markakis, Nick. Thus the only thing that many Orioles fans would care to see in another meaningless game in September – some hope for the future in the form of Wieters – will be ignored over a few bucks in 2012? That’s the Oriole Way.
Speaking of wasted money, I couldn’t help but notice that Sidney Ponson was slated to be the starting pitcher on ESPN last night at Fenway Park dressed in Yankees pinstripes and thought to myself: “Isn’t that the damndest thing? Sidney Ponson has a chance at a World Series ring and the Yankees haven’t lost in over a week.” Wanna bet against the Yankees playing October baseball? Didn’t think so. Ponson, perhaps moreso than Lou Gerhig, is the luckiest man on the face of the earth.
One more gripe today:  Isn’t all of this Brett Favre madness enough to make you sick?  Two questions: Why did the Packers rush him to a decision in the face of common sense and why was Favre foolish enough to be rushed into to a hasty decision? Just dumb on all sides. But it’s great theatre, I suppose. And, much like who’s going to the win the Super Bowk, none of us have any idea how this is going to turn out.