2015 draft order finalized for Ravens


With compensatory picks being awarded at the league meetings on Monday, the NFL has finalized its order for the 2015 draft set to kick off in Chicago on April 30.
The Ravens own a total of 10 selections, but their three compensatory choices cannot be traded unlike regular choices.
Below is a look at where the Ravens are scheduled to pick:
Round 1: 26th overall
Round 2: 58th overall
Round 3: 90th overall
Round 4: 122nd overall (from Detroit)
Round 4: 125th overall
Round 4: 136th overall (compensatory)
Round 5: 158th overall (from Detroit)
Round 5: 171st overall (compensatory)
Round 5: 175th overall (compensatory)
Round 6: 203rd overall (from Dallas)
Just for fun, here is a look at past players selected by the Ravens at each of those spots (or as close as possible) over the years:
26th overall: LB Ray Lewis, 1996
58th overall: WR Torrey Smith, 2011
90th overall: CB Lardarius Webb (88th), 2009
122nd overall: WR Tandon Doss (123rd), 2011
125th overall: LB Ed Hartwell (126th), 2001
136th overall: LB Jason Phillips (137th), 2009
158th overall: FB Justin Green, 2005
171st overall: LB Dexter Daniels (172nd overall), 1996
175th overall: G John Urschel, 2014
203rd overall: P Sam Koch, 2006


  1. Luke-
    Ozzie is in a position to trade a 4th rounder (112 or 125), 5th rounder (158) and 6th rounder (203) to get a veteran WR who can stretch the field….Any ideas???
    (L.J. — If they’re going to acquire a veteran wideout, I’m guessing it would be a steadier possession type with thoughts of still drafting a receiver like Devin Smith to stretch the field. The Ravens rarely ever broadcast players they’re targeting — even off the record — in free agency or through trades.)

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