A night of old-school bloody ‘rasslin’ in Philly

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As many of you know, we did our first-ever “Wrestling Bus” last night to the TNA Lockdown PPV in Philadelphia last night. My dear friend Kevin Eck is far-better versed in educating you about the card, but it was a fun night with a sold-out busload of wrestling fans who were as smitten with our Superstar Billy Graham and Bruno Sammartino videos as they were Mick Foley’s barbed-wired baseball bat.

There was lots of blood — a staple of the TNA promotion — and lots of cries for more blood from the notriously ruthless Philadelphia crowd, who cut their teeth on ECW’s violence nearly 15 years ago.

Every match last night was held in a six-sided steel cage. I’ll work on getting some videos up, but meantime here’s a shot of our crew meeting and greeting some of the TNA talent prior to showtime.

TNA Philly WNST Bus

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Oh, and a special thanks to Rick from Reisterstown for the “cinema.”

And if you haven’t seen the movie, “The Wrestler,” you really should. A shame Mickey Rourke didn’t win the Oscar. The movie was moving and poignant and thoroughly believable.

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