An open letter to Rex Snider and anyone who believes it’s about money..

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Dear Rex:

Because I’ve run in these circles since 1984, I will respectfully rebut your notions about money and baseball people and sports…

People who have $20 million in the bank are NOT motivated by money if they are the type of person you REALLY want to hire to work for your business. Joe Girardi will only take this job if he can win, and I doubt that he seriously believes he can win in Baltimore.

Here’s some food for thought: WHO in Girardi’s inner circle will ADVISE him to take this job? Will Joe Torre tell him it’s a great opportunity? How about Lee Mazzilli? What would happen if Girardi just calls around to ANYONE who has worked in this organization or even DEALT with this organization? Who will say "Yeah, Joe…you GOTTA take that job in Baltimore?"

Especially in light of him being the hottest property on the market, why does he need this grief?

For the money? When he already has $20 million in the bank? I would hope Girardi is smarter than that!

Let’s face it: this is the worst job in baseball, when you consider the owner, the track record, the AL East, the fan base and the talent the team has in the pipeline.

(Just ask Sam Perlozzo or see this link to read about how much support HE got over the past month for the job Girardi would be about to accept!)

If the ONLY reason Girardi comes here is because the Orioles will pay him $2 million a year on the open market and he’d only get $1.5 mil somewhere else, then he’s NOT the right guy for the job. The money won’t buy success, happiness, etc…and he KNOWS that, having played in New York and dealt with that idiot owner down in Miami last year.

Joe Girardi is a loudmouth and carried a big stick in Florida because he HAS $20 million in the bank and didn’t NEED that job in Florida in the first place to feed his family!

He was the EPITOME of a "my way or the highway" kinda guy! You think that’s gonna work with Peter Angelos?

Rex: I think your logic is faulty, but you’re entitled to your opinion…

My own personal story:
The most money I ever made was when I was syndicated at Sporting News…
It was BY FAR the least happy and least productive time in my life…not even close!
When people have $20 million in the bank — if they are truly WISE — they are not searching for money…
They are searching for fulfillment or happiness…
And in baseball terms, that means WINNING and a quality experience…

With Peter’s track record and the general ineptitude of this week’s Mickey Mouse search and mess in the MIDDLE OF THE SEASON, I hardly think ANYONE would think this is a sincere effort to "change stripes" or change the "experience" of being involved with the Orioles…

Just look at the press conference and the way Perlozzo’s firing was handled. "Bush league" wouldn’t begin to describe it!

My personal opinion on Andy McPhail?

I think McPhail has been snookered, just like the rest of them! Same as Miguel Tejada, Lee Mazzilli, Leo Mazzone and ANYONE else who left something decent to come here and learn about what it’s like to work in hell!

The list is too long, but start with Doug Melvin and Jon Miller and move forward…pick ANYONE who has worked in this organization. We at WNST deal with former players ALL THE TIME, who come to town and tell our reporters what a nightmare it was to play here and work for Mr. Angelos. Casey has former players come up to him at literally EVERY homestand, talking to him about what a mess this place was and how happy they were to leave Baltimore!

And again, SOME people ARE inspired by money, and I’m pretty sure Andy McPhail doesn’t have $20 million in the bank (yeah, he was a "winner" in Minnesota, but I doubt that he ever made $500,000 in a season).

So, before they even hold McPhail’s press conference, I will call him a fool for signing onto steer this rudderless ship.

Why do you think Mike Flanagan and Jim Duquette continue to sully their own names and credibility in "servitude" to the emperor here? THEY NEED THE MONEY! THEY DON’T HAVE $20 MILLION IN THE BANK!

But, I will NOT be the one who is snookered. And as much as I dreamed of managing the Orioles as a kid, there’s NO WAY I’d take a job with a company with the track record the likes of the Orioles and Peter Angelos. And I don’t have $20 million in a mutual fund, like Girardi does!

No matter how much money I would make, it wouldn’t be worth the trouble…

Again…I know the Marvin Lewis’ of the world who know of the "experiences" for working for the likes of Daniel Snyder…and I’ve talked with the Frank Wrens, Brooks Robinsons, Jon Millers (et. al) about the experience of working with Peter Angelos.

Joe Girardi would be a FOOL to take this job given the current state of the franchise and his MANY options on the open market.

But as my mama told me — "There’s a fool born every minute."

We’ll see if Girardi is a "smart" guy or a "money" guy.

Honestly, does anyone think this franchise can win given the current conditions?

And what price tag would you put on your dignity and happiness?

And if you had a half dozen other options, why in the world would you choose to be the "next" one to fail here?

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