And just WHERE IS Peter Angelos today

crab baltimore positive sm
crab baltimore positive sm
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They will all take the microphones momentarily at The Warehouse with sullen faces, and they’ll talk about a "new day dawning" in Orioles baseball.

They’ll talk of Andy McPhails’ success, and what he’ll bring "fresh" and "new" to the organization.

They’ll also say nice things about Sam Perlozzo. (And this is just three hours after they had him walking around town this morning looking and sounding like a fool, a dead man walking who was still under the belief that he wasn’t getting fired as far as he knew! But hey, if they’re not gonna honor Elrod for 40 years of service, what good is Perlozzo’s decade-plus, right? They can lie to him as easily as they lie to me…they’re used to it over there!)

And they’ll introduce Dave Trembley as a "company" man, which is what you’d HAVE to be to take this career-killing position at this point in the season with the team in last place and staring down the toughest part of their schedule.

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And who knows WHAT THE HELL they’ll say about the Joe Girardi rumors? Or the crazy Davey Johnson ones?

And the funniest/saddest/totally expected thing: Peter Angelos will be NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.

Make no mistake about it: HE is the one who should be holding the press conference today, speaking the real "company" line. For the company handbook is written, controlled and dictated by him. And EVERYONE knows that!

So what are all of those fools in the media doing over there asking Andy McPhail questions?

The real questions are for the only man who NEVER answers questions and never makes a mistake and never has to face the music!

Angelos owns the team and anyone with one last remaining brain cell KNOWS that he has orchestrated ALL of this, all 13 years of this franchise becoming a laughingstock of professional sports and a civic disgrace that no one wants to witness or be associated with. One that Baltimore fans want no part of it, and one that Baltimore businesses have abandoned over the past decade.

But, alas, he’s a coward — or he has been for the better part of a decade!

As the losing increases and the pressure mounts, you can ALWAYS count on one thing: PETER G. ANGELOS having his fingerprints on EVERYTHING…but he’s NEVER around to face the hard questions!

(BUT…you’ll NEVER see this from ANYONE else in the media, or they will be "uninvited" to today’s press conference, like me!)

So Bill Stetka…or Mike Flanagan…or Jim Duquette…or Dave Trembley…or Andy McPhail will now become the face of  this  mess.

I’ll say this: God bless ANYONE who is coming into this situation…and really expecting to be able to make a difference!

All McPhail or Trembley or Girardi need to do is pick up the phone and call any one of a HUNDRED people who have tried to make this franchise and situation better — good men like Doug Melvin, Pat Gillick, Frank Wren, Jim Beattie, Ray Miller, Mike Hargrove, or Sam Perlozzo who ALL had a press conference like the one that is currently under way in The Warehouse only to be shown during the "tough times" just who is running the show, but also who has ZERO accountability for the many, many embarrassments and failures.

ALL of them had success in other places, but couldn’t figure out a way to make it work here because of the man who owns the company and rules with an iron fist.

All you need to do is just ask Sam Perlozzo today how he’s been treated after a dozen years of loyal service! He was passed over several times, kicked around, abused and FINALLY got the "honor" of managing on the poopdeck of The Titantic.

The boat sank again today, and he was the LAST ONE to find out! He heard about getting fired from the media, for sure!

Good luck on the golf course, Sammy!

You KNEW deep in your heart the day you came in that this was a VERY distinct possibility.

Count your money and go play some golf. The Orioles can lose plenty of games the rest of the way without you!

I can hear them at the podium right now…

"Today, a new day is dawning for the Orioles organization and our fans…"

Blah, blah, blah…

The only question that SHOULD be asked: Where is Peter Angelos today and why isn’t HE here answering questions?

But that question will NOT be asked today by anyone or it will be their last day on the job at The Warehouse.

I know because I have some personal experience with that!

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