When does the planning for FREE THE BIRDS 2 begin

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So who wants to defend Peter Angelos and this organization now?

Which cowardly, anonymous message board idiot will be the one NOW who says we’re all WRONG — and have been for a decade — and that those fools in The Warehouse were RIGHT?

Right for all of the fired managers, and failed signings and wasted draft picks and money spent on Sidney Ponson, Albert Belle and company…

Right for going to war with the media, their own season ticket-holders and sponsors, and most of the agents in the game of baseball…

Right for leaving the name of the home city — the one that has embraced this franchise and built it a palace renowned the world over — off of their masthead and road uniforms…

Right for taking this city’s one civic treasure over the past half century and turning sun-drenched summer weekends into a reason to do anything BUT go to Oriole Park at Camden Yards and support Baltimore’s Inner Harbor…

What difference will it make when they fire Sam Perlozzo, whenever Angelos decides to pull the trigger on the worst-kept secret in town?

The Orioles lose for many, many reasons — most of which have very little to do with who is managing the team.

Their manager, players and front office — other than Angelos and the few sycophants like Mike Flanagan and family members like Lou Kousouris who seem to never go away — changes every few years but the problems don’t just persist, they actually fester and get worse by the year because the excuses of "black cats" and "bad luck" ring hollow.

And the only ones who get to even ASK the questions are the very people who get paid to promote fiction and defend the indefensible (see anyone with a MASN or CBS Radio emblem on their blazer!)

Every day my email piles up with people wanting another chance to go back to Oriole Park at Camden Yards to be heard again, just like last Sept. 21.

So, who is ready to be heard in 2007?

Who wants a new owner for this team NOW?

Who is ready — once again — to say it’s NOT Peter Angelos’ fault, this entire pigpen of a franchise and its accompanying Wayne’s World television network?

I sound like a broken friggin’ record, I know!

But it’s where the franchise is right now, during the summer of 2007.

Last place…with a bullet!

And it appears as though that bullet is soon meant for Sam Perlozzo!

They can fire all of the Sam Perlozzo’s they can hire — fools who come here in one capacity or another, take a paycheck and have their dignity and their professional reputation dragged through the mud for as long as they wear that cap.

Are they going to say that Leo Mazzone isn’t a great pitching coach, too?

Or that Miguel Tejada wasn’t a great player when he got here?

But this family and this ownership group has proved that they can even poison even the past deeds and good names of Cal Ripken and Brooks Robinson in this city.

While the "Sam Perlozzo Watch" continues (will he or won’t he make the 3 p.m. flight from BWI today to California), remember this:

There’s only one person who should be fired — and should have been LONG ago — and that’s the OWNER who is SOLELY responsible for this mess and has been since the minute he bought the team and turned it into the worst rotisserie franchise in the history of professional sports.

Funny how we HAVEN’T heard much about the giant television in centerfield all week, huh?

When Peter Angelos is fired once and for all, this city will have a chance to get its baseball dignity back.

Until then, I’ll keep shooting videos, writing and speaking the truth and keeping hope alive that someday we’ll get our baseball team back while we wait for football season.

The losing and the disgrace is not going to be over for the Orioles until Angelos and his band of vindictive and mean-spirited sycophants are gone from The Warehouse, Baltimore is on the road jerseys and this city and community is truly welcomed and appreciated and respected at Camden Yards.

FREE THE BIRDS 2 is alive — but only YOU as a community can breath life into it…

So when do you want to go back to the ballpark?

And what message will you bring this time?

I’m ready for suggestions: nasty@wnst.net

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