No wonder Bedard hates everyone

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Right now, there are gigantic fireworks going off over Camden Yards.

Literally…it was fireworks night!

But the only fireworks right now must be the same scene that I witnessed 24 hours ago, only worse inside The Warehouse. I can’t imagine that this Orioles team could invent any more creative, agonizing and dramatic losses than they’ve generated thus far in 2007.

From the ARod meltdown to the Wily Mo Pena blast to the Jeremy Guthrie Fenway effort to  any one of the many Titantic-level disasters that Danys Baez has authored — this team CREATIVELY stinks!

The losses can all be named and dated because in any other given season, each one — onto itself — would be the biggest disaster of ANY season.

Hearing Rick Dempsey talk about 1983’s losing streaks only brings me laughter. The truth is that this crew looks more like the 1988 outfit.

Erik Bedard throws in an effort that any major league team should reward with a victory, but as Mike Mussina found out the hard way a decade ago,  if you keep your pitch count down you won’t have to worry about which arsonist is gonna roll outta the bullpen with kerosene.


Jim Hunter and poor Dave Johnson looked almost ashed-faced upon the postgame. I gotta hand it to D.J. — POUNDING Corey Patterson for swinging at ball four in the 9th will get you noticed in Birdland!

Sam Perlozzo looks like a dead man walking, too good a fate for such a decent guy. But the record speaks for itself — 29-38, sole possession of last place in the AL East and mired in a six-game losing streak and a season of losses of biblical, 0-21-style proportion.

The whole thing is a mess!

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