An Orioles press conference or a train wreck

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I did NOT attend today’s Orioles managerial press conference at The Warehouse.

I don’t think I need to write it anymore, but obviously after my 21 years of having a press pass to cover the Orioles, my credentials were denied on Opening Day because I’m too honest with the public about how the franchise does business and how it translates to a crappy product on the field and how it hurts the downtown business community and this city’s mojo.

(Honestly, I would think these FACTS are INDISPUTABLE at this point!)

And, of course, to defend the fact that they’ve "elected" to not give me a press pass, they LIED (that’s a theme!) and said it’s because I’m "not" a media member anymore.

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(You want living, breathing proof that I AM a media member? Well, you’re READING this now, aren’t you! LMAO!)

So as much as I’d LIKE to report what’s happening on the "inside" of The Warehouse, I’ll just have to wait until Amber Theoharis or Tom Davis or Jim Hunter — the "REAL" media members — to let me in on the "truth" about the Orioles.

But, let’s see what I "think" I missed today:

We had TWO general managers introducing an "interim" manager who was NOT even at his OWN PRESS CONFERENCE!

(In 23 years in the media, this is the FIRST TIME I’ve EVER heard of such a thing? The whole IDEA is to "introduce" the new skipper to the media, who then relay this to the fans, who pay for this crap and allegedly "care" about the franchise!)

Meanwhile, on the television station that’s OWNED by the owner of the team, a news crawl indicates that NO ONE currently in the room is in charge of anything, and that these two men will soon be replaced by Andy McPhail, who’s busy trying to hire Joe Girardi, who would then replace the manager they are currently naming, who again, ISN’T EVEN IN THE ROOM!

And they’re strongly encouraging "NO QUESTIONS" about McPhail’s existencew, when EVERYONE IN THE ROOM knows he’s coming!

(But I’m the one who’s nuts? Maybe I’m a little too "negative" about the Orioles?)

Mike Flanagan looks like he’s aged 20 years since 2002…

Greg Bader looked like someone stole his lunch money…

Jim Duquette spoke about finding answers "from within" while his owner was out replacing HIM earlier in the morning and HE was announcing Sam Perlozzo’s axe, while Angelos, as predicted in my earlier blog, would be NON-EXISTENT!

(Accountability always starts at the top!)

Meanwhile, Sam Perlozzo was on the phone with media members at 9:30 a.m. telling them there WAS NO NEWS.

And WNST was on the AIR at 9:55 a.m. breaking the news that he’d ALREADY BEEN FIRED!

(But WE’RE the ones who are nuts and "anti" Oriole? When all we DO is tell the truth!)

Buster Olney knows more about the Orioles from his cell phone in New York than Peter Angelos’ own television network AND their lapdog radio network, which on days like today, just keeps us in business with their ineptitude and servitude to Mr. Angelos.

I mean — SERIOUSLY —  if you’re a REAL fan (LIKE WE ALL ARE AT WNST!), would you turn to WJFK today to hear anything that even remotely resembles an "honest" and "authentic" voice about the Orioles?

Amber Theoharis, who works for the team and whose Dad is pals with Peter Angelos, will come on tonight with the "inside" story!

Anita Marks will come on today and provide "cutting edge" insight into a situation she only knows as an employee of the owner!

And on some message board on the internet, people will say that I’M the imposter…


(Again, I wrote an entire BOOK about my love of the Orioles…just click under NOSTALGIA bar above…)

Don’t worry…you’ll have your OWN message boards here on soon enough to separate the truth from the fiction.

The truth in my reporting from today comes from dealing with all of MY sources inside AND outside The Warehouse.

And, if anyone inside the Orioles organization were REALLY honest, they’d say: "It’s days like today when WE at the Orioles prove to the entire world just how right YOU are at WNST about how the Orioles do business."

Today’s comedy act was almost better on the outside!

The Orioles are a joke…


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