Any Memories of Whiskey Joe’s in Tampa?


With the Ravens on the cusp of going back to a second Super Bowl (and I know there’s still 60 minutes of football this weekend in Pittsburgh), I’ve been doing my own reminscing this week about the memories of eight years ago and all of the fun we had. From Nashville to Oakland, from Tampa to the parade, the images burned in my mind will last forever.

But I do have one problem: I can’t locate ANY pictures or videos from two events — Whiskey Joe’s on Jan. 28, 2001 and the parade that followed on that cold, nasty day downtown at City Hall. If anyone has a few snapshots or videos they’d like to share, I’d love to get copies sent over to me so we could post the old pictures if the Ravens do what we think they’re going to do on Sunday in Pittsburgh.

No better time than now to try to find some of those pictures, right?

Also, if you have any memories or stories you’d like to share about that incredible week, just post comments here and I’ll let the world see your amazing memories of Tampa and the original Festivus celebration.