Are the Penguins just the Steelers on skates?

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OK, so here’s where the “fan” in me comes out.

I’m sitting home tonight wearing out the batteries in my remote between the Orioles-Yankees game and the Penuins-Red Wings Stanley Cup final matchup.

It’s really going to suck when hockey is through for another year. It sucks every year, but the saving grace is seeing Lord Stanley’s chalice hoisted to the heavens again.

In that vein, it’s tonight that I’ve finally “picked a side” in this interesting (albeit lopsided before tonight) matchup.

I’m not a Penguin hater, despite my feelings for all things Steelers and Pirates. (And if you need to ask about “why the Pirates?” you’re under the age of 35 and don’t remember Omar Moreno’s wife…or Willie Stargell…or 1971!)

But tonight, seeing their sea of white — a major “WHITE OUT” by any standard set in Winnipeg — I’ve decided I should be a more hardcore Red Wings fan, especially considering it looks like the Penguins are back in this series (they’re up 2-0 as I type) and very, very chippy tonight.

(By the way, the dozen or so cats who are wearing RED in a sea of unending white have some serious stones at the Igloo tonight. That can’t be real pleasant!)

This series is on the cusp of going from dreadful — Pittsburgh didn’t score a goal in the first 120 minutes in Detroit — to pretty good, if Sidney Crosby’s early efforts tonight are any indication.

Tonight, for the first time (and I didn’t feel it at all during the Philly series where I actually “pulled” for the Pens), I’ve decided THESE ARE THE SAME PEOPLE WHO WEAR STEELERS JERSEYS ON SUNDAYS!


I should strongly dislike Sidney Crosby on principal alone.

He’s Ben Roethlisberger on skates…

Hines Ward with a faceshield…

Jerome Bettis with a stick…

That’s Bill Cowher behind the bench!!!

These are the same ‘yins from don’ton who’ve driven us nuts for most of my lifetime in one way or another!

I know some of you choose to “hate” New York or Boston. I’m a Pittsburgh “hater” myself.

So, I’ve picked a side. I’ll go with Motown the rest of the week.

Any parade in Western Pennsylvania is something I’m strictly against these days!

On principal alone…

P.S. That was a HELLUVA hit on Crosby by Kris Draper. Oh my God!!!!!

I wanna dislike Crosby, but he’s pretty good!

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