Back from Asia to a Somber Charm City

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I made it out to the Bud Light Orchard Landing Monday Night Live show tonight — and only about 15 minutes late.

I flew in from Tokyo (and yes, my arms are tired!)…that’s my ode to Roch Kubatko’s blog!

I literally LOST my internet connect at noon Tuesday in Tokyo (10 p.m. EST), right about the time the Steelers went up 35-0.

It was just as well. I didn’t need to fork over another $10 to the hotel’s internet gods so I could watch another 40 minutes of sloppy, ugly, horrendous football.

I just turned my computer off and headed for the Orange Limosine bus.

I actually met a Ravens fan in line waiting for my flight back. Nice dude. Works in Katmandu (the REAL one, not the Bob Seger one!). He wanted to know what happened in the game because he’d been travelling for several hours already and couldn’t watch.

I asked him if he REALLY wanted to know. He insisted. I told him. He sighed and grimaced in agony.

I told him: "Imagine the most nightmarish weather, play and turnover situation in Pittsburgh while all of the Steelers greats came onto the Monday Night Football set and gloated, and there you have it — THAT was my experience for paying $24.99 and spending my final 90 minutes in Asia!"

Many videos are forthcoming. Will be getting them up one by one and I’ll drop little notes in my blogs telling you what’s happening.

It’s been a whirlwind week for us – between Cal Ripken and Beijing and The Great Wall of China, along with Hong Kong and Tokyo.

So many of our friends and relatives want the pics and vids and stories, so we’re trying to just do it all via the wnsTV blogs.

It was really a memorable trip, but the ending really sucked yesterday morning in Tokyo watching the Ravens season fall apart in the rain.

I’m a little loopy — been up since like 5 p.m. Monday EST — I gotta get some rest.

A special thanks to Drew Forrester for filling in for me and for Spencer Folau and Mike Flynn for making tonight fun even under cruddy conditions for the team. Even Ray Bachman was spotted at Orchard Landing!

I hate when we lose and the crowds at the live shows die.

I was tired AS HELL tonight — so was my wife — but we really wanted to NOT be the ones who cop out or cash in the chips when the going gets tough. We were gonna do everything possible to be at the live show and we made it.

I was a good fan in 1996 when we totally sucked, and I’ll remain so through the "character building" years.

Two years ago, we endured agony.

Last year, it was near ecstasy. ALMOST! And that’s why it hurt so much last January.

Right now, our offense stinks, our quarterback is not very good, our team is not very healthy and the age and the salary cap are catching up to the purple warriors.

Our defense can only be good if it’s all there in tact, and right now that doesn’t seem realistic. Teams that lose as many players as the Ravens don’t look like the Patriots or the Colts.

It’s a tough year.

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