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Cash Pop, grand slams and Home Run Riches turn spring fun into summer winners


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The Executive Director of The Maryland Lottery John Martin has been busy counting all of those Orioles home runs in the Home Run Riches contest where grand slams and new games are on the menu all summer long.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, John Martin

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn S T and 5070 tasks in Baltimore and Baltimore positive happy sort of summer. We got thunderstorms going on here. We got crabs on the table and corn getting ready to be thrown on the table and crab cakes to go everywhere. The Maryland crab cake tours out on the road. We have the Pac Man scratch offs. Ross has told me I’m getting a fresh batch this month because I’m gonna need them. We’re gonna be facing these on Friday and Lexington market Luke’s gonna be down there before the Orioles game and then we’re going like on a bender. We’re starting at Cooper’s North antimonium We’re gonna be talking about Fleet Week promoting Fleet Week in Fells Point. On June 4. That’s Tuesday afternoon on Thursday morning. We’re going to be at State Fair in Catonsville. And this is special because it’s before the Orioles Blue Jays game and Geddy Lee might be on television there behind home plate. So that’ll happen on Thursday at State Fair crabcakes. There the 12 Coco’s pub 14 We’re at Fleet Week we’re gonna be down to Cooper’s in Fells Point at Fleet we can Thomas Dolby is going to be joining us for that June 20 at Costas and Dundalk, and I like this as well because it’s before the Orioles Yankees game. So we’re playing up at Yankee Stadium. That is the end of the three game. Very important American League East three game series. That’ll be Thursday, June 23. Costas, you can have crabs I’ll have crab cakes. I get the Oysters Rockefeller. And then on the 25th will be a Pappas in Parkville. With Jeanne I’m really looking forward to that. It’s not the karaoke night. I wish it were but I may sing anyway, this guy does not want to hear me sing, except the praises of the Maryland lottery and the new cash pop game, we’ll get to that. He is the executive director of all things Maryland lottery and gaming. We welcome John Martin back on to the program after a brief respite. And a lot has happened during this holiday John more not just my travels, and crabcakes and fun and all this cool stuff and all these crabcake tore stuff. But your baseball team has widened the gap a little bit and you have been pooling them. And I have not given you enough oxygen for your Cleveland guardians. As these Orioles take up all the oxygen around here. We’re having a really good baseball season. This is fun. And


John Martin  02:04

you know what, you can’t always dictate who’s on your schedule that you just play a mess, they come up here, but they have had a nice little run. I’m being cautiously optimistic. You know, we’re at basically, you know, the first mile marker, you know, this being a baseball fanatic, is that Memorial Day weekend, and then you got your July 4 weekend. Then you got your Labor Day. I mean, you just follow the holidays to see how your team is doing and, and yes, the boys from the land are doing pretty darn. Okay. So let’s hope that continues. When we progress through the

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:35

season, you imagine the fun of the segments you and I’ll be having in October if you’re in the way you don’t I mean like because that’s that’s that has happened before Cleveland has been in the way in both cases and 96 and 97. You and our young old timers were we remember that but but it would be a nice little Baltimore, Cleveland, but that would be fun. I mean, look, we both we all have to deal with the Yankees. And we’re gonna have to get through that as well. And that’s probably part of the fun of all of this is. It’s not a year when the Yankees are down. We’re all going to have to deal with him.

John Martin  03:05

It was funny, just one last baseball thing for you here. I forget who it was talking about, you know, early season forecast for or at this mile marker, and someone had the audacity select Aaron Boone as a manager the year seriously, not yet. Well, I’ll tell you what, there’s a guy No one’s heard of named Steve boat who took over after Francona retired, who has the guards in excellent position.

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:32


I didn’t even know his name, by the way. So there you go. I appreciate you knowing if you had really put me on the burner and said who was the Cleveland guardians manager? I would have trouble with that. So what happened? America?

John Martin  03:44

Right? Absolutely, and half of Cleveland. But that’s the bit The point is, he’s probably a better indication of Manager of the Year at this point, since no one knew who he was. The team was destined to be under 500 This year, and look where they’re at. Meanwhile, my granddaughter could manage. The New York Yankees doesn’t take a lot to fill up the lineup there. This Orioles

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:04

thing from a conversation standpoint. And look, I’m always promoting the Pac Man promoting but when we talk baseball here this summer, I had Alan McCallum on for an hour this week. He was my 30 year baseball foil. He was my original reporter in the 90s and one in the locker room and that all that I’m bringing all my baseball people back out because this is the team we’ve been waiting for. And every single night, every single at bat and sometimes it takes them six seven innings to get going. They hit homeruns and you got homerun riches going on as well. At the Maryland lottery. We need more grand slams. I mean we do.

John Martin  04:36

We do we do speak good. We do. I’ve gotten my stats on my screen right now. 70 As we speak, 75 home runs this year. Two of them grand slams. We have paid out $73,500 In in cash to the contestants of the game and our current progressive jackpot on the $5 homerun riches Bases Loaded fast play game over $128,000 and growing. So have a lot of fun. Please play responsibly when you seek out the homerun riches bases loaded $5 fast play game, have some fun be selected contestant in the game, we now have contestants through the month of June on our website, MD Check it out, see if your name is there and get set for lots of lots of homeruns Oh,


Nestor J. Aparicio  05:25

I’m licking my wounds a little bit if people hear this over the weekend, it’ll be ancient history. But they loaded the bases in the sixth inning on Tuesday night, but nobody out. And as my dad would say they drink no water at that point. So, you know, when the bases get loaded? I do think of you and you know, I do think that I see John Martin having to go back into the Maryland lottery vault and pull 5000 all the way back. Yeah, pull out those Benjamins, you know. So I want that to happen. Cache pop, I will. Let’s talk about that just for a minute, because it’s so new. And I really do bring it up. And this speaks to the effectiveness of your mass and advertising. Yeah, watch the games on TV. And I see the centerfield and I see the logo, we play the commercials, this is a really new thing. And when I see cash popped out on the outfit, I’m like, Well, I talked about it once every week or two with John. And I think Seth was the original one that talked about it maybe a month ago, when it kind of came in. It’s and I’ve spent a lot of time in casinos last year was I was at Las Vegas. And just walking through and seeing casino games, I like to live in a casino for two days and in Las Vegas and seeing how to play games and how to play new games. Sometimes I’m in a casino when I see things I’m a little intimidated, I don’t know how to play back around, or whatever. This is one of those games, it’s so simple. But also like Cato was kind of simple. But but it conceptually I had never heard of this kind of a game. And I think it began is probably a casino kind of game, right?

John Martin  06:50

It is a very game, a very simple game. As you mentioned, people can make it more complex if they need to. But let’s start from the simplicity. Four times a day 9am 1pm 6pm and 11pm. We draw a number one number. So prior to that drawing, you can select a number from one to 15, only one to 15. And you can put down a wager of $1 to five or 10. Let’s start with $1. So you pick, pick a number number number nine, so number nine, you put $1 on it, then on a random basis, let’s say we both do that, you put $1 on number nine, I put $1 Number nine, but each ticket is printed has a random cash prize, your prize might be $5. If it comes in, my prize might be $250 If it comes in, and so we’re both watching cheering for that number nine to come up. And then everyone who has number nine will have a different. Of course not all different, but we’ll have different denominations so that we both win, we win different prizes amounts, now you don’t get to determine what your prize amount is. That’s the random part of it. But you may select multiple numbers, I would not necessarily encourage you to off 15, that might be a little bit of a stretch, you know, my

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:16

lucky number is 936. Right? We’ve been through this. So I can take nine, three to six if I wanted to. Right, perfect.

John Martin  08:22


And you could put $1 on each group at five on one if you’re feeling very feisty about the nine, and then each prize will adjust accordingly. So the higher you wager, one to five or 10, the price structures will correspond the maximum you can win on a $1 ticket is $250. The maximum you can win on a $10 wager is $2,500.10 times the dollar. So the price structures are the same. But the dollar multiplier will determine what your range of prices could be. Does that make that more complex than it needed to be? No,

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:58

no. I mean, I think it’s important to explain it because people see it now. And they don’t. Is it a scratch off? What kind of game is it? How do I play it and then once again, and I would say and I love this part of the segment when I talk to you about this because you know, Miss Ed was my neighbor who played her numbers missing, he would love this game, you know, a couple times a day, like so it’s a little bit more of an old school, like the three or the four that that’s my number and only comes once a day we pick in middle evening magazine at 730 on channel 13. Or we’re gonna pull the numbers that like that’s the old way of doing it. This is four times a day with one number. And it’s very that you’ve you’ve said this and I’ve asked him for other states have done this before and you’re always trying to come up with and you’re about to tell me about another new game that you guys have coming up. Whether it’s Pac Man, or whether it’s Raven scratch all season, we’re ran a corner on that we’re not that far out on that as well. But learning how to play the games. This is really as simple a game as I’ve ever heard. It’s almost so simple that you really can kind of overthink it a little bit. But it’s amazing This game hasn’t been played before. That’s why I thought maybe this was in a casino in Macau or something. Because it’s kind of a fun little. It’s a numbers game like it’s almost like a dice game. There’s only so many numbers you can play. Yeah,

John Martin  10:11

people can go to MD To learn more about it, they can stop to any of our 4400 retailers and ask about it. And again for a simple investment $1 One time, try it see if you like it. Again, I think I think you’ll be surprised and pleasantly surprised hopefully with a winning experience, but on how simple and straightforward the game can be. And as always, please play responsibly and enjoy the game is entertainment. John

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:38

Martin is the king of the Segway around here He is the executive director of all things fair lottery gaming, puts on row with the Maryland crab cake to a bunch crab cake tour dates here this month. We’ve talked some baseball, we’ve talked some cash pop, I’m giving away the Pac Man so come on in this been a really lucky batch. People love the Pac Man tickets, new games. I want to give people oxygen and all that we have festivals coming up. It’s summertime. My son saw y’all brew at the zoo last week. So like I know this is this is the most wonderful time of the year and it’s sometimes it’s a little hard to get everybody’s attention because you’re at the beach you’re here kids got graduation, we got summer this summer that but you have some new games you want to talk about as well. Games promotions, you know, we’re


John Martin  11:17

always looking for ways as you alluded earlier, thank you for the for the lead in on different ways to engage different factions of players. Yes, we’ve got ravens flock, anxious for the kickoff for the season. That’s that’s a little bit down the road. But right in front of us right now we have a new promotion for the state of Maryland. It’s in concert with NASCAR your big NASCAR guy Nesta rooms

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:37

room, I went to one NASCAR race and went to Dover like 30 years ago. I was bud sponsor, so the bug car driver came on and the homie gave a hood of the car. It’s really loud. It’s beautiful, though. And the cars television does not do justice to how fast the cars go. And I but it’s, it’s not my thing in that it’s loud and the but but I respect the people that are into it. And we had a NASCAR show here for a long long time with WNS t we

John Martin  12:07

have a nationwide promotion with Powerball and NASCAR we we watched the promotion last year we decided to get in this year and here’s the way that you play starting now through July 1. Any Powerball ticket you purchase, you can enter into a promotion called Life in the cache lane. See what we did there life in the cache lane. You enter your Powerball tickets now through July 1, and we will select in the month of June starting on Monday, June 3, we will select 35 Winners five drawings, seven, seven winners each and just being selected one of the 35 You win $1,000 We’ll put all 35 names in one big virtual Hopper nationwide where you’ll be joined with other contestants from a lotteries all over and we will select 16 finalists and those 16 finalists think of like a an NCAA bracket. Those 16 finalists will eventually get down to four finalists in Phoenix for the NASCAR championships. And along the way, there are cash prizes, I’m fumbling with my cash prize status here. But various entry levels of prizes from 2500 up to a million dollars for some lucky winner to be in Phoenix on around November 10. This is Powerball this month. Powerball this month through the month of June. Yes. Check it out for MD Have some fun if you enjoy NASCAR, that’s great. Even if you don’t know anything about NASCAR, if you enjoy winning a million dollars, let’s frame it that way. That may open up the interest level a little bit. But check it out. Have some fun with it. Hopefully it’ll be one of 16 finalists, and they’re gonna get a chance to watch your name on national television, move up the leaderboard and hopefully be one of four lucky people in Phoenix in November, but the chance to win a million dollars. Another reminder, you know, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:17


get these Pac Man scratch offs. Make sure you’re downloading the app if you’re playing the lottery to get into second to get into all of these things. It’s it’s about playing and then it’s about second chance it’s about using your phone it’s about scanning make sure you’re doing that and you can learn all of this stuff up at em de la I learned about the Gold Rush sevens multiply I saw these so I’m wondering like now do I have to do I have to hit Ross for those are my sticking with Pac Man here. These Gold Rush look like something I want though. The seven seven sevens on here.

John Martin  14:46

You don’t want that might be a good move on your part because we’ve just announced what we call a family of games nesting. What that means is we marketing and from a promotional standpoint, we put like games together and so just launched they’re still fresh. Which is why I think you want to talk with Roz about getting one of them. At $1 price point, it’s called Gold Rush sevens is the Gold Rush family at a $2 price point Gold Rush doubler at the $5 price point, Gold Rush sevens trippler at the $10 price point gold rush. I kind of lost the name here.

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:23


John Martin  15:24

multiplier. Thank you and a 20 Thank you. Gold Rush 777


Nestor J. Aparicio  15:29

I’m here for you, John.

John Martin  15:32

finely honed machine. That’s what we are here what

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:35

here’s the God’s honest truth. If I put you on the air and I go to MD we you know, it gives me a little backup. You know what I mean? my cheat sheet is your website. You know

John Martin  15:46


it as it should be? Right? So so prices range from $1,000 on the dollar ticket all the way up to a million dollars on the $20 ticket. And there’ll be lots of fun and winners galore over the next several months under the Gold Rush sevens family of games. And yes, when you’re out and about in the territory watching Nestor at one of his many stops hopefully he’ll have a gold rush sevens doubler ticket.

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:10

You know, when I’m at at Mt I see things I see pictures of winners some of them show their face and some have a funny thanks. I’m gonna put a funny name on their check or whatever they do. But this spin thing like and I keep calling it the prices right thing because I I like Bob Barker and make sure you have your dogs and cats spayed or neutered. And Cole Irvin helped with that the other day too. So big shout out to him pitcher for the orange became my favorite Oreo when he started talking about his love for dogs. The big spinner how many of those about Dad, how I see the pictures in the videos of this. This is an impressive fun little thing. And we always try to have fun and winning money is fun. And when you scratch one of these often you win five bucks, it’s whatever you win, it’s fun, but like to come down and like make a big to do and spend a thing and maybe win a whole lot of money. That is some Bob Barker fun. That’s that that’s some true carry fun. You

John Martin  17:06

know, it’s interesting to see people come in. It is a different dynamic. And I’ve been in this business long enough to see people come in and they they’re wide eyed and they’re nervous. And they’re sometimes they’re laughing sometimes they’re crying sometimes they don’t know if they’re crying or they’re laughing. But it’s a different experience when they come in and they see this six foot wheel. And they realize that they’re going to spin this and there are nothing but prices $50,000 is the least amount that they could win all the way up to 230

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:39

when they pull up. Oh, it’s absolutely right. This is


John Martin  17:43

this is what fun is all about. And you guys go to MD And you’ll see videos from from Mike at the lottery talking about how people win and you’ll actually see the spins. It’s all legit. And you’ll see they may win prizes we’ve had now. Three of them on the website. Hint hint, wink wink. There’ll be a fourth one on the website real soon. And prices they’ve one of range from I believe 90,000 125,000 No one’s won $250,000 yet. But

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:15

cheesy game show host guy I’ll tease my hair up. I’ll come there. You could play some music for me. You know I could give me one of those stick mics the old school you know what I mean? With a little tip on it. But the really long Mike did. And why is

John Martin  18:30

it why is it that show is the only place I’ve ever seen that microphone. was a true No.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:35


Remember the Match Game? At the same time? We are sick is that right? No who was a failed contestant on The Match Game was Brian Billick. No.

John Martin  18:48

Oh, ravens?

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:51

Oh yeah. 1979 redwoods College community college football coach trying to make it wearing a brown bomber jacket. Wow, Google good. Just go to YouTube and just put Match Game Billick in, it’ll pop right up and the whole segments there. And Charles Nelson Reilly and Richard Dawson was on Richard Dawson has has a thing he says football failure game show failure like he does this the Billick in 1979 No, you gotta see Billick had a whole fresh head full of hair and he was single looking good. So yeah, wow. was won the match game. It’s true. I’m John Martin, is he? He’s from Cleveland. He don’t know. See everybody Baltimore has laughed at that. And like, he didn’t get it. He had an awful match. Like he said something that didn’t even make any sense when he went to match it. So it doesn’t make any sense. 50 years later, either. So you know, that’s one thing. You want a game show. You got to get it right. So spinning that wheel, it’s on video. And so how much can they win when they spin that wheel? They could

John Martin  19:54

the prices on the wheel from $50,000 up to 250 350 is


Nestor J. Aparicio  19:59

the most they can win. Okay, yep. Well, that’s a nice range.

John Martin  20:02

I mean, nice. Fair enough.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:05

All right. Yeah, Martin is here he comes every week he gives us a Pac Man scratch offs. We have some sevens to give away later on in the month as well. We’re doing Marilyn crabcake towards like kind of everywhere that we do them fleet weeks coming up in a couple of weeks. Patrick Russell big shout out this launching Cooper’s with that unbelievable gumbo that I’ve signed up for now, as a new sponsor. We’re going to be Cooper’s next Tuesday we’re going to be in Mays chapel. And then we’re going to be down during Fleet Week. Really, really right in the middle of it on Friday, the 14th of the month, so big month, you guys have any events? I mean, are you doing you’re doing all that kind of stuff, right?

John Martin  20:37


We do things and here’s one you will not see me at is the Baltimore 10 miler at Druid Hill Park. There’s there’s running involved with with that I’m not a runner. But if you are in lace up your running shoes and get out to Dru Hill on June 1, and we will be there with our prize wheel that people can spin and when also come month of June June is a lot of fun. Capital Jazz Fest. We do this every year at Merriweather so have some fun with that stop by and see us at the Capitol Jazz Fest that will be June 8 and ninth.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:12

And that’s the thing to do jazz outside America either on a beautiful weekend. Wow. venue.

John Martin  21:18

Every once in awhile we’ll do a an O’s game. And here’s one that probably looked better several weeks ago. The Atlanta Braves coming to town and we will be on June 12, which is a Wednesday midweek. But an evening game. We will be down there at the ballpark. How about the Braves? That’s That’s bad luck, isn’t it?

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:39

I think I’m going Thursday. I think I’m doing the the afternoon game on Thursday that week. But yeah, it’s been a great season. I mean, again, I kid you about your guardians thing. But when your team is good, and you’ve been in Cleveland, like you’ve had better luck than Baltimore over the last 30 years with good years and bad years, but it is a turn off, turn off switch on and off. It’s either really good or really bad in a lot of places. And even the Yankees this year, turning it on. I was in New York up there and the Rangers are playing well. Next slide unless your sports lights up your life to some degree and it becomes a different kind of summer. And I’m feeling it because we haven’t had a lot of it here. When we have this kind of a baseball team. John, everywhere I go everywhere I go. People want to talk about the baseball team with me. And my last name is Aparicio, that feels good, you know, after all these years and that’s and that’s something I know homerun riches is you know ever it’s your best promotion this summer because the Orioles are are into it every single night people are trying to get a Grand Slam even when we load the bases and we can’t be drop. John Martin is here. He is the executive director of all things Maryland lottery gaming. I will get to sports wagering stuff out next month as well. We always remind folks play these games responsibly have fun with them this cash pop game, it’s meant to be a buck or two. It’s meant to be fun, play a number but get involved in and at some point real soon. We’ll talk about all this good money goes back into the community as well because I do love talking about that. John Martin joins us each and every week. His face is on the front of Baltimore positive along with our entire new website. So I want to give thanks to Jessica phallus and our team at Hartford designs and Mike Rosenfeld a web connection for dreaming up a brand new Baltimore website. It’s all up and available for you as is our 25th anniversary video, as is the mental crabcake tour schedule brought to you by the Maryland lottery where you can be a winner when you come out the faith is on Friday or join us a Cooper’s next Tuesday your state fair next Thursday. I am Nestor Keyes, John. We’re wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking. Baltimore positive

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