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Getting back to College Park to get more coats from closets and onto backs for winter

Former Terps linebacker Shawne Merriman comes home to College to collect coats for 21st year before Penn State game on Saturday

Feeling the Goodwill of serving others Thanksgiving dinner at Baltimore Convention Center

Volunteers needed and wanted! Goodwill C.E.O. Lisa Rusyniak invites Nestor roll up his sleeves to help serve Thanksgiving dinner downtown on November 23rd for folks less fortunate.

The greatest holiday of the year!

Lisa Rusyniak of Goodwill invites everyone to come over for great and late deals for Halloween gear and fun. @bmoregoodwill @NestorAparicio

Finding a second life for all of those plastics via Goodwill

Lisa Rusyniak of Goodwill Industries talks about turning everything into something and finding ways to eliminate waste.

Getting ready for Halloween horrors and frights with the right holiday look

Lisa Rusyniak of Goodwill tells Nestor about ramp up for Halloween and Opening of Excel downtown

How and why The Y and Goodwill are partnering to lift Druid Hill community

Lisa Rusyniak of Goodwill and John Hoey of The Y tells Nestor about Druid Hill joint initiative

Heading to Goodwill online to do some fun summer treasure hunting

Lisa Rusyniak of Goodwill joins Nestor in an online quest for great vintage stuff

Serving the local business community with service

Lisa Rusyniak of Goodwill and Julie Kernan of Business Volunteers MD discuss local ways to serve the community and support Baltimore.

Spreading the word of Goodwill Excel Center and education for Baltimore workforce

Lisa Rusyniak updates Nestor on Goodwill Industries successful effort to fund the Baltimore Excel Center for job training and career development.

Going beyond the donations at Goodwill this spring

Dave Carberry of Enradius joins Nestor and Jonathan Balog to discuss local power of Goodwill Industries to put folks to work.
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