Could the Schwartz be with us?

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So, today was Brian Schottenheimer’s turn in Owings Mills.

The speculation is juicy, isn’t it.

Marty Ball could come here with Cam Cameron running the offense (and neither has an interview scheduled). Or Marty’s son could be hired as the head coach.

And the revolving door of candidates continues. Tomorrow, it’s Philadelphia assistant John Harbaugh’s turn.

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And in the latest turn, apparently our own resident WNST football defensive guru, Tennessee Titans’ defensive coordinator and Arbutus native Jim Schwartz, will get his time with the Ravens’ management council according to The Sun and the NFL Network’s Adam Schefter.

(I spoke to Schwartz at 8:35 p.m. tonight and he said the reports of an imminent visit were news to him. But he said all of his relatives have been calling all night after reading the reports and he said he’d be very prepared if he does visit Baltimore. This time last night he was on a plane leaving San Diego with his season coming to a crushing end after his defense played well for the first half against the Chargers.)

Schwartz was an original Mean Machine Ravens assistant, coming “off the boat” with most of Bill Belichick’s staff in 1996 when Art Modell brought the Browns from Cleveland. Schwartz served as Marvin Lewis’ deputy for the first three years of the franchise before becoming Jeff Fisher’s No. 2 right before their first Super Bowl run in 1999. So, he does know Ray Lewis pretty well!

If Schwartz does come in, he will see that things have changed dramatically once he turns the corner in Owings Mills and gets his first glimpse of the Bellagio.

Clearly, I don’t get a vote, but having Schwartz come home and coach the Ravens could really be a lot of fun, and if you’ve seen Peter King’s columns lately, you know that Schwartz has become a “hot” assistant since his last interview for the 49ers job in San Francisco three years ago.

Schwartz has done a weekly radio appearance on WNST on Friday afternoons during football season for six seasons.

Good luck, Jim, if that interview does come your way. I hope we haven’t sullied your good reputation! 

That’d be kind of cool, though, Schwartz coaching the hometown team.

And if you’ve ever heard Schwartz’s Friday reports, you know that no one loves Baltimore sports more than him.

He’s an old-school, 33rd Street hardcore Baltimore sports guy — Colts, Orioles, Terps, the whole deal.

THAT would be an easy sell to the fans here, huh?





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