Joe Gibbs’ resignation will change the NFL job pool

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The story is only a few minutes old, but the resignation of Joe Gibbs in Washington is sure to affect the coaching pool for potential head coaching and assistant coaching candidates throughout the league.

Who knows what Danny Snyder thinks of Gregg Williams?

Who knows what direction he’ll go in now that his “savior” failed to win a playoff game in his return to the nation’s capital. (CORRECTION BELOW…Gibbs did win one playoff game in Tampa Bay…the author stands corrected)…

It was very apparent that whatever Joe Gibbs would be in his second term, it most surely to be a “short term” arrangement. Gibbs wasn’t going to the be the Redskins coach for a decade the second time around.

This morning’s announcement can’t REALLY be a surprise to anyone in the league.

So, for Rex Ryan, Bill Cowher, Marty Schottenheimer (who almost got the job the last time), and any other prime candidate, there appears to be one more stop for the coaching carousel — Raljon.

It only happened 10 minutes ago — so the fallout is far from being predictable at this point — but it does change the status of the coaching arrangements in the league now that four jobs are open — Baltimore, Washington, Miami and Atlanta.


Who knows if this is the last job, with Oakland being a little wishy washy and the potential for Seattle to make a change if Mike Holmgren were to step down.

And it always feels like Tom Coughlin is hour to hour in New York as well.


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