Dallas newspaper reports Garrett’s ties to Baltimore


How better to celebrate a day when both the Redskins and Steelers get eliminated than by surfing the internet amidst our own Ravens’ coaching change? This is a new experience for me.

The last time the Ravens changed coaches, the internet wasn’t really at a stage where you could follow long-distance developments on an hourly basis.

Because, like you, I love the Ravens too, we’re going to link you in with everything reputable that there is to read here on WNST.net.

Here’s a nugget I dug up from the Dallas Morning News.

According to Todd Archer’s piece on Friday night, “(Jason) Garrett has a close connection to the Ravens. Baltimore’s vice president of football administration, Pat Moriarty, was a running back for Garrett’s dad, Jim, in Cleveland in 1979 and would work out at the Garretts’ house.”

Every coach in the league has some ancillary connection to someone in Owings Mills. The league tends to be incestuous in that way.

But it is nontheless and interesting, and perhaps, relevant tidbit.

BTW: Somehow it’s not the same watching Mike Tomlin lose as it was Bill Cowher.  I honestly hate Pittsburgh a little less now that Cowher’s gone.  The Redskins, however, are still easy to dislike after all these years, no matter the circumstance.