Does anybody notice that the Orioles are a disgrace?

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I was in Chicago all day yesterday, kinda taking a day "off" and enjoying the Second City. A little White Sox baseball with a Jim Thome 500-HR theme (a wnsTV presentation is coming soon), a little Lake Michigan, a little band called Wilco (you should check them out!), etc.

I got back to my hotel room last night and saw that the Orioles gave up 18 more runs last night.

What’s shocking about the Orioles now isn’t that they GIVE UP 18 runs — it’s that I’m not the LEAST bit surprised it happened. Hell, they might give up 21 more tonight, who knows?

But, in general, the incredibly sad part of this entire equation is that the Orioles organization and ownership aren’t even embarrassed by it any more. And the few fans who are left don’t even get up in arms anymore.

It’s like standard operating procedure — losing and disgrace!

Daniel Cabrera is a mess, another "prospect" who looks bewildered in this organization. Geez, I wonder how Leo Mazzone, who spent 14 years in Atlanta going to the playoffs every year, feels about this place. The road is LITTERED with baseball people who would say that the worst decision they EVER made in baseball was coming to work for Peter Angelos. You think Miguel Tejada thinks he made a good signing here now? How about Brian Roberts? Or Andy McPhail?

I would be MORE than willing to go down and do another Free The Birds event the week after next, but who the hell would go with me?

I can just see that: me and 38 other fools down there in black shirts almost a year-to-the-day after the 9/21 walkout/rally of 2006. It would STILL be fun to do it, but what’s the point if we don’t have 10,000 pissed off people?

The Ravens lost on Monday by a touchdown on the road against a division rival in a game where they made more mistakes than we’ve seen in years, had more devastating injuries in one game that we’ve ever seen and, if Todd Heap doesn’t get that pass interference call, they actually might win. They were also three point underdogs to begin with.

And the city FLIPS OUT because they’re 0-1!!!!!!

The Orioles, meanwhile, give up double digit runs seemingly EVERY NIGHT, they are about to take sole possession of last place in ALL OF MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL (not to mention that Dave Trembley embarrassed himself last night with that Earl-like tirade) and NO ONE GIVES A DAMN!!!!

As we’ve said many times (but it bears repeating): the opposite of LOVE isn’t HATE…it’s indifference.

And when you’re baseball team is giving up 10 and 18 runs on back to back nights and no one even notices…

Well, they might as well bring in the Mayflower vans…

Free The Birds indeed…

I just can’t wait to see all of those constipated faces on their front office folks all offseason trying to sell "progress" in the organization, while all of the usual media suspects file their glowing reports from Fort Lauderdale next February about how 2008 will be the year "the Orioles turn it around."

If Peter Angelos could only find that black cat…

They are one game outta sole possession of last place on the planet for baseball.

So much for "2007 improvements"…


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