How will Orioles manage headwinds as summer pennant race heats up in AL East?

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Cedric Mullins is hurt. Starting pitching prospect Grayson Rodriguez has been an early fail for the starting rotation. John Means return has been delayed. And the Orioles bats have been colder and arms have been taxed. Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor discuss the normal headwinds of a long MLB season in a real pennant race.


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Nestor Aparicio, Dennis Koulatsos

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

A couple of U N s t tests Baltimore Baltimore positive hope you’re setting a dial out there on your am radio dial for us we’ll be doing the Maryland crabcake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery got some instant lottery scratch offs gave a bunch of Weigh in fallston last week at the local had fancy Clancy on got to wear my fancy wind donation hat 866 90 nation and they just Colossus joins us now he’ll be here on Thursday which comes a little earlier this week because of the holiday and all that he’ll be here from 3am to five and again on Sunday as a part of the Sunday Sports was so much has happened since you and I got together I mean between the Mullins injury the Grayson Rodriguez meltdown the Baltimore Jersey City connect what all of that stuff was but more than that you and the good folks in the Ford Motor Company came together put am radios back in cars to make sure that they in 1570 lives so I knew that I knew there was something off the record I would have

Dennis Koulatsos  00:55

been definitely lobbying for that to happen didn’t see any any signs of wisdom to pull am radio for from for vehicles and cooler heads prevailed and common sense that in and because of 15 7am W NSC Baltimore positive affords going forward we’ll have am radios and you brought up we had our lobby we

Nestor Aparicio  01:17

pulled our lobby together next up my press pass called Chad’s steel.

Dennis Koulatsos  01:22

Next one, I’m fancy Clancy. We were in Vegas last summer actually was September, mid September. And we ran it to fancy Clancy at a Vegas casino.

Nestor Aparicio  01:32

Imaginary and it was great. He’s such a legend, right. And I had him on Yeah, and I didn’t know his whole story. And I’ve no Clancy my God, I’ve known him for 30 years. He did the shot pictures and doing the show with me back in the 90s he he’s an entrepreneur, among other things, you know, but But more than that, having the beer named after him and he came out I didn’t realize he started in 1974 Next year we’ll be it’ll be 50 years next May that he has been vending and the number one thing he talked about was being a he was a TrackSTar that gave him his strength to carry beer

Dennis Koulatsos  02:10

to you he currently attract coat at St. Joe’s.

Nestor Aparicio  02:14

You know he talked a little bit about that but more than that he talked about venting and love of the oils and it really got me like a little emotional because he talked about Adam Jones bringing him down on the field 10 years ago being a part of it. And I thought to myself because I’m I’m just playing this out and this is before the Mullins injury before Grayson Rodriguez and Chicken Little in the skies falling Elias is going to have to deal have to the the eight ball team away to get pitching here. But I think about that moment that’s going to happen if they ever won a World Series I say if not win, because I don’t know that there’s a win. I’ve been waiting long enough. I believe it’s an IF with the Ravens if they ever win again, if and and again. You and I may be different as to whether we believe Lamar is going to win or not. But there is a moment with this oracle team now where you say if things went right sometime maybe there we deserve it. It’s been since 1983. And I think that myself, who would I feel the best for it wouldn’t be John Angelos or Mrs. Angelo’s or any of these or Mike Elias are nice people getting paid to do it. The people that I would be the most excited about, I think the ghost of Bob or Bill Hagee, you know, the people that Dearly Departed, who died not having seen the Orioles? One it won’t mean as much to me as it would have meant to me had they not throw me out the last 17 years and behave in the fashion they have and I wrote the Peter principles. But I think then who I feel the best for. I promise you now after seeing Clancy sit next to me and see the glimmer in his eye. I would probably feel better for him than maybe anybody. I mean, he is spin at every game out there venting beer. Like look, Jones has been out there, you know,

Dennis Koulatsos  03:56

he doesn’t all you see him at Camden Yards. You see him at m&t Bank Stadium, right, we have to see him at Memorial Stadium hidden that’s his gig for an awfully long time. And he is a legend. I mean, he’s got a following. He’s got a legion. He’s legendary.

Nestor Aparicio  04:09

And I’m not just for being on my bus trips, either because he used to go on my bus trips all the time. So

Dennis Koulatsos  04:16

good guy, but again, part of the attraction of going to oral games. Always has been there with him. But now, all of a sudden, so I’m getting a friend of mine and we’re calling and saying hey, let’s go to a ballgame. And there’s some future games I have circled and it’s the calendar. The calendar is filling up. I mean, the interest is there. For the oils. They’ve had some headwinds. Now they can’t seem to get the batch going. They’ve had some injuries, some emotions, etc. But they’re still very relevant that just a matter of time, I would think before the basket hot again,

Nestor Aparicio  04:44

I love your airplane reference when you say headwinds, because I get you know, headwinds. If you’re better to play him and oh, boy, bumpy, the one hijabi. It’s it’s just not like a smooth

Dennis Koulatsos  04:56

tailwind. You’re the one headwind tailwind much better so headwinds.

Nestor Aparicio  04:59

We learned, right, we’re gonna learn, because this is, you know how hard it’s been to play 700 Ball ever for any baseball team ever, and they’ve done it for six or seven weeks right now they lose the centerfielder. The pitching phenom prospect, they have to send it back for more seasoning. Everybody, he’ll be back. He’ll be back. He might be back. You know what I mean? I never add. That’s like saying Lamar will be an MVP. Again, that was so five years ago. Like, you know, don’t, don’t tell me about what was it’s like Dennis has sold a lot of cars. But then it says to sell cars the next month, and the next six months and like what you’re going to do in the future to the baseball team. It to me, I have a lot of confidence in what Mike Elias has done in this sample size to say, they’re not going to have this be undone that they’re not going to be a 500 team and finish with 88 wins. I feel like that this is this is a good headwind. But this is something went wrong here yet a player get injured. You can’t figure out the rotation the bullpens getting taxed. This is where champions are made they have to figure this out.

Dennis Koulatsos  06:05

No, they absolutely do. And let’s see how they’re gonna do it. Right. Let’s see who’s gonna step up. But the offense getting going would would help the pitching I would think to write such a complimentary game, just like football, offense and defense, and they get those bats go and Nestor and the schedule doesn’t get any easier either, right? They had an easy enough schedule to start off the season with but now they’re playing some quality teams. And you’re going to struggle when you play those quality themes.

Nestor Aparicio  06:32

Well, and you have to see where your depth is to when you take on an injury like they have with Mullins, what they have, you know, Luke and I talked a little bit about this. We just brushed the surface, but we didn’t get into it. And it’s more of a science experiment when and I trust the sabermetrics and all the nerdery that Luke is into in the math of all of it. But moving the wall back, okay, moving the wall backs it fine. It’s good. They did it to attract, pitching and retain pitching. Sure, moving the wall back would move a small minded individual like Raphael Palmera, who once told me as a medium member, you’ll love this. When he chased me with a bat. He told me I was going to put him into a slump. I still 30 years later, I’m still like, Dude, you had a Hall of Fame numbers and no doubt you cheated on the game, amongst other things. He pointed

Dennis Koulatsos  07:18

the finger at you and said Nestor Aparicio, you’re going to put me into a slump

Nestor Aparicio  07:22

into a slump. He said to me, and I, myself have pointed finger, he did point his finger at he did with a bat. And the other hand, and I’m sure he Davey Johnson was between us it was a whole thing. You know, Rick down, it was all up in front

Dennis Koulatsos  07:35

of the Senate. He did the same thing. He pointed his finger, but you say

Nestor Aparicio  07:37


you put the knot. Right? And everybody says, well, Rodriguez has the makeup. He’s got to go figure this out. And I’m thinking to myself, what happens when the fly ball that will be going out of and Palmer loves to point this out. That would have been out of any stadium that would have been out of Fenway Park, it would have been out of Jurassic Park Yellowstone, right. But there’s a part where when they slump at home, they moved the fence back. I mean, they have three three home runs taken away over the weekend. It just kind of is what it is. But that plays into allowing your pitching to keep you in a game. That’s one than nothing in the seventh inning and you make it go the other way with a bad bullpen. But they’re they’ve won a lot of really close games. And that would be the piece that you would say the data point that would say they’ve been lucky. Now can they be good? Doesn’t matter to me if they’re played 650 Ball Memorial Day. I mean, this is this is a dream start to the season Something had to go wrong at some point.

Dennis Koulatsos  08:36

Well, I know they have a couple of prospects, the infielders Westberg I forget the name of the outfielder, but they have an outfielder of eight cows, right? Yeah, cows are there you go cows.

Nestor Aparicio  08:46

You know, I said the Luke worst thing in the world. This young man’s first draft pick you have comes up makes his way gets hurt, right as the PIP Gehrig moment happens for him they I think you’ll be up a week from now. I think Mullins is going to be gone a couple of weeks I I would be shocked if we see him back before the All Star Game fully functioning based on the initial thoughts of his injury. And he’s really their case that a little bit of their Lamar Jackson. I mean, the Russians are best player. But Mullins has been their catalyst he’s been the guy that makes the engine go

Dennis Koulatsos  09:17

he’s been a spark a spark plug for sure. Right. He’d been that energy in in the in the dugout and the outfield as well. Playing at a very high level track and either 3030 Man right?

Nestor Aparicio  09:27

Well, he might not be 30 home runs this year. He’s gonna miss a month right? It makes it

Dennis Koulatsos  09:30

much softer. He is He might be at 2525 Man, which is still good enough. Gotta get him back in the lineup though, but hopefully, they’ll figure after starting pitching. I’m like deal with Rodriguez. I wish him all the best, but I’m not sure we’re gonna see him anytime soon. Apparently, that that rib injury he had that injury when he last three months last year really has affected his progress.

Nestor Aparicio  09:52

You know, that and COVID for all these players in any sense of normalcy for any of these 21 to 24 year role players who had COVID calm when they were 17 1819, freshman year, sophomore year, like, we all lived through it from a work perspective and where we were, but I can’t imagine being one of the guys trying to hone your craft in the middle of that. And more than that, like John means who really excelled there. And that, you know, really made a name for himself when there are no fans in the stadium through the no hitter, that he gets injured, injured, again, waiting on these guys, but but understanding that like, this is just such a better place to be in June. And I say this every week, and after a month with you. It’s such a better place to be talking baseball in June, then just throwing it to you, as we have and said, Well, there’s OTAs in the Lamar, watch, what have you seen on the MAR Dennis from this signing part of this, and I watched the press conference now that I’ve been thrown out, after 30 years, I watched the press conference is on TV. And I think to myself more than anything. And you and I talked a lot about this when he was holding the sign up and out on the internet and on Twitter talking about pay me pay me pay me, man, a king has been made in that building. And I don’t know, maybe Ray Lewis was the king at one point and then maybe Flacco after he got his money or whatever. I don’t want to say it’s dangerous. But boy, the amount of responsibility on him now where all of this sits on him. And there’s no more second thought about his contract or any of that or who it is, like the amount of expectation on him not just to perform in January, but to be accountable in May and June and July. It’s all sitting there now for him with all the money in the bank.

Dennis Koulatsos  11:38

It is and I wasn’t good to see I missed the first day of OTAs of course, but I get it some time guys have family obligations that prohibit them from being there at the very first day. But he was there the second day seems to be all in seems to be studying hard and absorbing the new Todd Monken offense and saw on social media. He’s got a second child now and kids give us a depth as adults and hopefully things will sink in for him. Hopefully he’ll be healthy. He seems to be healthier than he seems to be recovered. But he basically has a three year window and astrick a three year deal really is what it is. And three years to make hay. And it’s nice not to talk about the contract. It’s nice to have the contract in the rearview mirror. He got his bag, he got paid. And now you’ve got a solid defense. Right, great head coach, special teams, no excuses. This is a year. I’ve got a really good wide receiver room too if they can all stay upright.

Nestor Aparicio  12:32

Well, you mentioned a really good wide receiver and I said to Luke, as much as the Orioles have been on the front page and they’ve made news every day and there’s now decisions their manager makes in the sixth and seventh inning with relief pitching and the organizational decisions about that that who’s up and who’s taking the starts and we’re like wherever we have real honest to god baseball conversation that built the station and built it built sports radio in the city when there were no ravens around and it takes some oxygen away from whatever press conference whatever injury whatever. Absence of stars or any of that stuff. But I still think with Lamar and the amount of oxygen it takes up that even when the Arizona Cardinals make news now all of a sudden it’s oh he wanted DeAndre Hopkins, we need to talk about that. In your mind, is that a serious thing that they would want another $10 million wide receiver like I am I’m not convinced they’re gonna be able to distribute the one ball they have as well as the fans on the internet or distributing it for Lamar right now. JK Dobbins won’t like that. Neither will mark Andrews

Dennis Koulatsos  13:41

Well, that’s the thing you only have one football I’ll be very happy if if Mark Andrews and say flowers are upright midway through the season. If obj is around, great. If Bateman’s around wonderful in

Nestor Aparicio  13:54

a second he’s a $15 million player. Bateman’s a number one draft pick if they’re not a part of this, I can’t imagine this can be very good. Like


Dennis Koulatsos  14:04

they have Andrews they’ve got two other really good tight ends. Ze flowers looks to be the real deal. And to me, it doesn’t make any sense to sign another veteran over 30 with some significant injuries the last couple of years. It just makes zero sense to me not now I’ve seen people say well, it’s going to it’s not going to help the development of the young wide receivers. I don’t think they’re worried about the development of young wide receivers they’re trying to win now. Just how

Nestor Aparicio  14:34

not here this time next year this time he is he is a shooting star I mean he’s Steve he’s Steve Francis he’s a six as a rental he’s a rental property he’s all he is and that’s where Patrick queen is now in his period of time that you could start to look at these guys knowing Lamar is number like just like you can look at Flacco and say well how long you think Bolton’s gonna be here? Really? Right.

Dennis Koulatsos  14:57

I’m glad that I’m very happy for him for that. And for the Ravens that Patrick crean showed up without any drama. Like he showed up. He’s at the OTAs he’s gonna play and he’s gonna help himself just like all the other guys that did it the right way to keep that didn’t hold out they came in. And just like all the guys got paid next to playing next to Ray Lewis. He’ll get paid handsomely paid and playing right next to row Quan Smith. So glad to see that for him for him. But for Bateman and obj you just hope that the injury bug doesn’t hit those guys. Especially Bateman, right? He’s supposed to be a wide receiver one. If he is a flower, it can be abrupt, right? Three quarters of the season with Mark Andrews with JK Dobbins in there with a healthy offensive line with a healthy Lamar Jackson, that yes, this team has a chance to get deep into the playoffs and do and make some noise?

Nestor Aparicio  15:47

Well, I don’t think there’s any question. It’s been a really good offseason for them in regard to what their roster looks like. At mandatory camp two weeks from now, the players they’re going to put out on the field as he would always say, if we have to go play this weekend, we can. That being said they they got to install the playbook. They have a whole different way that they are going to go about doing this. They’re going to be asking Lamar to do things that he may or may not be able to do, right. I don’t know. I mean, I I think we’re gonna find out. We’re gonna find out and find out. Yeah, and I think more than that, you look at the totality of the team, and where their cap situation is and where they have to your point. They’ve put a lot of resources into catching the football. They’ve put a boatload of financial resource into throwing the football, put a little bit of capital into running the football to you know, in that offensive line. That whole thing was built to run run run by and Lamar Lamar Lamar and, and Gus Edwards and JK Dobbins. And then you say all right, defense is on the field. Where’s the pass rush? Where’s the back end of the secondary? What did they really do to replace Marcus Peters? You know, they they’ve got a quarterback that they invested in, and Roxanne. Okay, maybe we’ll see. But the back end and the rush on the defensive side. Now it’s Oh, Herbert’s on the schedule and the borough’s on the schedule twice and Deshaun Watson they’re actually practicing out there now. They’re gonna be on the schedule twice. So what is the defense going to look like on the backside and the row Quan Smith thing helps me sleep better. They’re a better football team with him. I mean, that was a move of brilliance last year, the draft pick. Even the money and Luke and I have we can disagree about Lamar all the time. And it’s all we disagree on rochlin I think I think they decided they wanted a quarterback for their defense and a real man, a real leader in the middle. Marlon Humphrey is not that guy. He’s a great player, but he’s not the straw that that’s going to that’s going to serve the drink. Ro Quan Smith was brought in to be that Mike Singletary Ray Lewis clubhouse leader, they overpaid him they underpaid for him. I think draft capital they overpaid to keep him around. They talked about that being their biggest acquisition on draft day and that was 30 days ago, we got row Quan Smith, general manager said that I feel much better about their defense, but I really wonder who’s gonna rush the quarterback and I wonder what it’s going to look like when hands are on hips, fourth quarter, and they’ve got to defend the pass.

Dennis Koulatsos  18:18

Well, I saw him on a hunt for he was here about a week ago. He looks really really good. Really good shape. Just a fantastic young man. Well, quants Smith, you’re talking about a future Hall of Famer, barring injury if he stays healthy, he’s got his best football ahead of him. I don’t figure things out. Right. They they’re still going to pick up some players after the June of course cuts Marcus Peters I think is still in the mix. Justin Houston, you’re talking about the veterans but this roster still is under construction. So they’re not done yet. They still have some moves to me.

Nestor Aparicio  18:47

Well, to your point, and that’s why we talked about DeAndre Hopkins Right? Like they they have finagle cap space now through this Lamar signing that we didn’t speak about cap space in April, right. Like none of this happened until a few hours before the draft when they figured Lamar out and they figured out their circumstance right? So now that we talk about this, we have to say what DeAndre Hopkins is that provide more value for the team in November December or we just take Houston and or Marcus Peters or players that would replace them and I Clay’s Campbell’s that they’re gonna miss him there. We talked about the heart and soul of the defense and where they are they’re gonna miss him they need more guys like him.

Dennis Koulatsos  19:27

Yeah, I mean Michael Pierce was hurt last year he was hurt the year before he was hurt the year before that so to put stock in and I liked Michael Pierce nothing personal but the best abilities availability we set a time and time again and met a BK contract here, right. He’s gonna have to he’s gonna have to show up. So you have a lot of guys playing a lot of things able to juggle and by the way,

Nestor Aparicio  19:48

I met a BK I’m bullish on him being if they’re gonna win next year, and when he he will be a guy who will get paid to your point. He’s a guy that didn’t matter how he plays, he’s going to play really well. And they’re not going to be able to afford him.

Dennis Koulatsos  20:04

Right? Yeah. And he’s a dude. I’ve met him before too nice, nice guy, but he’s like, you know, he’s not your typical Ravens. 345 pound, you know, round mound of he just, he’s a he’s a muscular guy. He’s a twitchy guy. He’s going to have a big season. But they’ll figure it out. Mike McDonald in the second year as the offensive coordinator, he figured things out after the first few games last year. Yeah, I liked your chances on defense, I like your chances offense, they’ll still run the ball people that make them make this mistake about misnomer about Todd Monken. It’s not a it’s not a pass happy offense. It’s a modern offense, he will run the ball. He will keep those guys from the ball effectively, as well as bringing a modern day passing offense to the Baltimore Ravens for the 2023

Nestor Aparicio  20:48

edition. Well, the quick pass game and the spread is what that’s what we’re going to see here, right. We’re gonna see Lamar and space, we’re gonna see Yeah, we’re gonna see spacing out of wide receivers and try and two steps off the ball fire try to make somebody miss a tackle. We’re going to see that on first down in an effort to see second in threes and second and twos in the way that we did that running the ball before. I mean, I am convinced they’re going to pass more now the effectiveness and what that means down the field for where obj has really made his money and where they believed Bateman would make his money right?

Dennis Koulatsos  21:29

Remember that offense air Coriell with with Dan Fouts and Kellen Winslow and in Charlie joiner, I

Nestor Aparicio  21:34

mean, time Jefferson, they

Dennis Koulatsos  21:36

had all those guys, Jefferson, they had a great, great offense. But that was a fun fun often to watch. And that a big running back who was it was a Tony Galbreath. Back there big strong running back. They were way ahead of their time. That was a fun offense. Well, we’ll see that at m&t Bank Stadium because downtown to the Dr. Center Hey of the quick release and Hall of Fame career but

Nestor Aparicio  21:56

knowing Lamar can flick it. I mean, you know, you doubt Lamar is passing games, etc. And then he throws the ball over your head and that’s why they gave him $53 million a year right.

Dennis Koulatsos  22:06

He’s got a live arm. He’s got a strong arm. And if we see Louisville Lamar, it’s going to be curtains for the rest of the teams in the AFC north. But when he Louisville Lamar to appear, not what we saw towards the end of the season last year before he got hurt.

Nestor Aparicio  22:20

Well, the one thing I’ll give them, passing grades on is changing things, moving things around, which they have not been afraid to do. And the Odell Beckham thing is that is the great wildcard and all of this because I they overpaid him, everybody else looked at it and said No, thank you. And they felt like this was necessary and and think about where they beat. But you would say some would say, well, Beckham’s why Lamar Lamar signed for the money. I don’t think it had much to do with whether they had Odell Beckham Jr. or not that he was going to take this 180 $5 million. But But I would say for them outside of what they normally do, we’re not usually sitting here in June, talking about a free agent wildcard, rental wide receiver who is really being counted on to be a leader, right? I mean that they all talked about that when they gave him the floor and he came with his Hollywood production. Lamar wasn’t even here yet. And Lamar is tweeting about the press conference. We saw that there’s a larger than life figure, a Shannon Sharpie, kind of not a rod Woodson, kind of leader, different robots Smith’s rod Woodson leader. He’s a real leader. He’s a real he’s a real leader

Dennis Koulatsos  23:33

by example, right? But versus by by his voice, right? But we’ll we’ll see

Nestor Aparicio  23:37

whether Odell Beckham is is Terrell Owens, or whether he’s golden, I guess for for lack of you know, right.

Dennis Koulatsos  23:45

The one thing ravens third but given obj that huge contract that messed up the market for for Hopkins, because now Hopkins wants a bigger big deal, right? pavements, grossly overpaid for Obj. So now DeAndre Hawk was just sitting around saying, where’s my bag? So we

Nestor Aparicio  24:03

might be the one to give him the bag. Right? The the line right?

Dennis Koulatsos  24:06

Well, it’d be okay because it’d be turned around we fare places. I messed up the market for Lamar Jackson when the when he gave the john watson the same contract. So that would be ironically delicious and up, you know, it is what it is. Did they really

Nestor Aparicio  24:20

mess it up though? In the end? In the end? Did did Lamar really get more money because Watson got guaranteed an ethic ethic Lamar would have come up in negotiation, but I don’t think it would have gotten

Dennis Koulatsos  24:31

done. No, but it would have would have gotten done earlier. That’s all it would have been in the rearview mirror much earlier. And and who knows? Who knows? That’s all I can tell you just we’ll get to see Lamar Jackson in a spacious offense. And we’ll see what that looks like.

Nestor Aparicio  24:47

You need a PSL because they’re all I can know where you can get one they’ve been offered it to me on my timeline if you need a PSL.

Dennis Koulatsos  24:53

I bet you there’s a budget you can get a deal right about now Can’t you? You know what Sione is

Nestor Aparicio  24:57

my my buddy Mari Brown and I you’d listen Marty’s baseball Mari file is out in Portland, Oregon. He became a media member by in an honest way. He tried to get a baseball team for Portland, and figured all that out and got into the media side of writing about sports. And he’s covering this Oakland situation. And the A’s moving to Las Vegas, in the Oakland A’s performer that they’re going to move to Nevada, they’re going to sell PSLs for a baseball team that doesn’t exist that is about to lose 138 games so if Mr coons had a dealership in Las Vegas, would you be fronting dough for the Las Vegas athletics after and by the way the hockey teams in the Stanley Cup Finals? The football team still stealing everybody’s money they’ve been there five minutes right look, I mean Vegas is on fire but PSL came up and I’m like oh, that’s so 9096 I don’t have okay that 2020

Dennis Koulatsos  25:55

I bet you they will bet you people will pony up It’s Vegas baby. I wouldn’t have an interest because there’s no water there I need I need some water

Nestor Aparicio  26:04

I wouldn’t be right over there you got good stuff all you need to Lake with some fishing and I’ve seen your act all I need man that’s all I need give me a lake oh, let’s go out so she’s here he will be here again on Thursday from three to five as well as on Sunday morning from eight until noon with the Sunday Sports was give me a car update just a not just that you’ll have am radios in there which I can’t believe I’d have to ask you about that at this point. But a lot of vehicles in now and a lot of changing tides with with percentage rates on financing right from 36 months right?

Dennis Koulatsos  26:38

Yeah, it’s a fantastic industry that we’re in the goalposts are always moving we had a fantastic weekend we delivered a lot of late model up pre loved vehicle lots of new vehicles. We got a ton of nice trade ins to Nestor though trade ins are hard to find these days but man got some nice trade some one and two and three year old vehicle that are just just amazing

Nestor Aparicio  26:57

people taking care of their cars during David right


yes they

Nestor Aparicio  27:00

did. Yeah were masked in the car you drove to the mall you came home you got food that nobody went to work

Dennis Koulatsos  27:10

didn’t drive what either so we have all these two three year old cars coming back into the market which are hard to find. So

Nestor Aparicio  27:17

it’s our now dentists don’t tell anybody but if I put the camera in and I’m not wearing pants I’m not I’m wearing no no no, no, no, I’m wearing pajamas at this. Okay.

Dennis Koulatsos  27:27

We’re glad you clear that up for us. We listened

Nestor Aparicio  27:31

to it we didn’t have to drive right? I was like Tony Soprano all I have to do is walk out get the mail and walk back right

Dennis Koulatsos  27:40

we see the clips of the guys that are doing what we’re doing right now and the camera falls down or something happened they’ll just screensaver goes away in your underwear doing a segment

Nestor Aparicio  27:48

they’re not doing nothing to jump as

Dennis Koulatsos  27:51


John was acceptable It’s okay. pajamas are good. At least you’re

Nestor Aparicio  27:55

nobody sat in the backseat of the car for years is guess is that right? That’s

Dennis Koulatsos  27:59

right that’s right that’s right.

Nestor Aparicio  28:01

I gotta find your vehicle the back two doors never been open so

Dennis Koulatsos  28:04

might have to grease them up live they might squeak they might be a little a little dry. It’s called pre loved

Nestor Aparicio  28:09

over security services here’s got pre loved he’s got new certainly always take care of your vehicle needs over security Boulevard but more than that, oh stinker sports needs with the Sunday Sports boys lacrosse season lag now over you got full focus on Oriole baseball, so if I don’t see you sitting behind home plate for the 305 star I’d be very disappointed with

Dennis Koulatsos  28:31

you. three or five some of the work for a living I don’t know how to come up with these times. For the working man.

Nestor Aparicio  28:36

You know they come on businessman special. I’m thinking what the hell business that you can shut down monkey at one o’clock. What kind of business is

Dennis Koulatsos  28:44

not it’s not a good business right to take off? I can tell Mr. Because hey, I’m gonna knock that I have to but Hey, want to go to the stadium for three to five game? We’re gonna wrap up a month. That’s not gonna happen.

Nestor Aparicio  28:55

I didn’t even think about that. That’s why I didn’t invite you. That’s right.

Dennis Koulatsos  28:58

There you go. Didn’t need to see the Guardians type of plenty of invites out there plenty of tickets available, which is great. I’ve

Nestor Aparicio  29:05

got an invite for you. All right, so I’m just gonna say as an open invite, I’ve never eaten crabs with you. I’m assuming you’re Baltimore. You Essex guy. You eating crabs. I’m gonna I’m eating crabs that cost this on Sunday. At four o’clock. I’ve already told Nick and Pete I’ve already told Chris Pike is come in my man. David Katz is coming over he’s in town from Miami. From fox sports. So we we are going to I have called and all in crap event with friends at four o’clock and the reason I’m doing it four o’clock on Sunday. Baltimore Orioles taken on a San Francisco he got days out in San Francisco. You know, I learned this because I ran into Billy yurman. He was there with his buddy Todd form and a bunch of people I know. I was at costs about four weeks ago right in the beginning of the Oreos like April and they like eight guys came in from the golf course they believe that around a 635 I’ve Oreo game I sat down at 615 Beer crabs hit the table the second inning and, and I’m like I’m gonna do I’m gonna steal that idea because I haven’t done that since my mother was alive good idea we’re gonna do it this to the Orioles bring people together they bring crabs together they bring beer together, they help restaurants get happy. So God bless the Orioles for giving us good baseball in June John Angelo’s some of the things I said about you may or may not be true but right now you’re in second place and surging so God bless you oh, let’s go traffic for everybody. Dennis closers will be here on Thursday from three and five. I’m gonna be out doing the Maryland crab cake toward you can check out all the dates. We’re going to be at Shannon’s pub and in ale Thorpe and on the southwest side of town. We’re Dennis sells a lot of cars. We’re going to be at spirits on Wilkins Avenue right over where the Maryland lottery makes these instant lottery scratch offs and Southwest Baltimore you mentioned St. Joe, right over by Mount St. Joe. Also our friends at window nation out on the road. We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of wn st on August the third we’re kicking it off at cost this we’re going to be a drug city. We’re moving the crabcake tour all around. We’re gonna have 25 oysters and 25 days in September, because as Keith Richards once said in The Pirates of Penzance, it has an eye buyer and it’s September oyster season but it’s crabs right now. I am Nestor. He’s Dennis. We are w nsda In 1570, Towson Baltimore, and we never stop talking Baltimore positive set your dial in a in 1571. Coach sports still selling cars with a AMS radios in them

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