In case you were wondering how empty Camden Yards was last night

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I didn’t go to the Orioles game last night and apparently neither did you.

I did watch most of the game, including the Orioles rally from being down 5-0 early to win the game against Tampa 10-5. Jason Berken survived the early battering to work into the 7th inning and earn a rare victory. Brian Roberts and Matt Wieters both broke out the big sticks and each had three hits. The boxscore is here…

The stadium was dreadfully empty — maybe the worst crowd in the history of Oriole Park at Camden Yards — and of course the Orioles lied about the attendance again, calling the crowd 11,575. There weren’t 11,000 eyeballs in the stadium last night and they advertised throughout the game on MASN for more of the mysterious $1 tickets for tonight and tomorrow night but were very carefully not show any foul balls.

Here’s a picture of Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata throwing out the first pitch. Note the nice shade of forest green in the background in center field. This was a stadium that all WNST followers were “uninvited” to attend.

Just pathetic…

But this is what happens when the ownership of the team can pocket more than $30 million of YOUR money this year via a TV network that we’re all forced to pay for via our cable bill, field a last place team and not be all-too concerned about actually having people in the ballpark.

Fans at the games, apparently, are just an inconvenience. Well, as you know, we tried. That’s all we can do is offer King Peter and Master Greg a dollar.

We did what 2.1 million other people in Baltimore did last night — we stayed away from Camden Yards. Trust me, they didn’t notice although I’m sure Haloti Ngata was wondering where all of the purple people from Sunday go during the week:

Haloti Ngata

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