Is Brian Roberts the next American Idol?

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As you know we’re putting together a major competition in an “American Idol-style” search for Baltimore next sports media star. I’ve never been a viewer of American Idol until this season and they’re not getting down to the nitty gritty on the show and it’s absolutely uncanny how much one of the contestants looks like Brian Roberts.

Again, I don’t have a press pass and I actually forgot to ask Roberts if he knew about this when I saw him briefly in Los Angeles 10 days ago, but check this out:

Brian Roberts

Kris Allen
They even have the same build, haircut, demeanor. When Ryan Seacrest is talking to him, you’d almost swear he’s talking to Roberts. It’s very strange.

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And Kris Allen has a legitimate chance to win this competition.

Our “King (or Queen) of Baltimore Sportstalk Competition” brought to you by Coors Light is coming next week. Stay tuned for all of the details. We have 50 contestants ready to rock Baltimore’s world with media talent!

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