It’s 11:22…where are you?


So what did YOU watch tonight?

Was it Monday Night Football and a seemingly irrestible matchup with New England and Cincy?

Or did you opt for a "Loser Leave Town" baseball game between the Padres and Rockies in Denver.

Well, I turned the TV on around 8:50, and the baseball game has been about 96% of the focal point. The few times we did put the football game on, it looked like the Men of Marvin were getting slobberknockered. Last we checked, the Pats were kicking a field goal and running it up.

So, the Padres and Rockies have TOTALLY justified my decision to go with baseball tonight. Loser goes home, winner goes to Philly to face the Fightin’ Phils at 3 p.m. on Wednesday.

It’s late. It’s the 11th inning of what has been an exciting game. The Rockies have two on. Joe Thatcher has just come on.

I’m wearing all of my Padres swag and being an idiot. I’m acting so STUPID that I can’t even put it on wnsTV.

But, for one evening, I have caught baseball fever — just like when I was a kid. I’ve been talking baseball, thinking baseball, living baseball — and MISSING baseball!

The Padres are a pitch away from elimination.

Life on the edge…

Gotta LOVE baseball!