From Cleveland…the evidence!


In our eternal quest to bring you EXACTLY what’s going on with the Ravens, we’ve decided to allow wnsTV to paint the picture.

I can go through my "overall" observations later in the week — I don’t think they’ll improve after yesterday’s debacle — but for now, check out wnsTV’s "two-part" series on my day in Cleveland.

Part 1 is here…

Part 2 is here…

You can hear everything I was thinking AS I was thinking it.

And I didn’t think many "good" thoughts.

It was a whitewashing, no matter what the final statistics tell you. The Ravens were never in the game.

Mistakes in the secondary. Turnovers. Penalties. Missed field goals. When you lose in Cleveland — and especially in a blowout — you KNOW there are plenty of fingers to point and plenty of bodies to point at.

The radio station will be full of it for 14 hours per day this week.

But this is what I was thinking and how my day went on the shores of Lake Erie.