Live from San Francisco…

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What a bad, bad football game!

I’m sitting in my hotel room getting room service with my wife and watching the raw videos from the weekend in San Francisco (along with Packers-Bears and Yankees-Tribe).

 I’ll be sharing my experiences with you via wnsTV at some point in the next 48 hours, but almost everything we saw over the weekend here in the Bay Area has been beautiful.

 That was, until the game started. Yuck!

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 More key injuries along the offensive line. Steve McNair looking like a spent quarterback, underthrowing, overthrowing, high tosses, many off the mark or behind receivers. And then there’s the ability to finish a drive. It’s just hideous to watch, this brand of football.

 Some wiseguy in the press elevator said it looked like “J.V. football.” He wasn’t far off the mark.

 This touchdown drought is starting to take on that 2000 feeling. It feels, at times, like they’re allergic to the endzone.

 The Ravens defense was capable at Candlestick, as usual, but that two-play drive they allowed Trent Dilfer to lay on them was brutal, especially because the score was 9-0, not 39-0.

 Let’s be honest. If Joe Nedney hits that 52-yarder, it might be a much different plane ride home from Oakland airport.

 The 2007 Ravens, at 3-2, make us all very nervous. Deep down, most of us don’t feel like they’re very good. They’ve beaten several scrubs – the Jets, Arizona, San Francisco – none of which will sniff the playoffs, let alone 8-8.

 They’ve lost to two others – two division rivals on the road in Cleveland Cincinnati – and both of those teams look like they might suck, too.

 And what’s on tap?

 The next two weekends against teams that TOTALLY suck – St. Louis here and Buffalo up north.

 Even if they win in today’s form – ugly offense, kinda good-enough defense and Matt Stover’s right foot – what will be know about the 5-2 Ravens in regard to whether they’re any good?

 Ahh…but isn’t that the beauty of the NFL at this point?

 The Steelers look like world-beaters. The Ravens look extremely ordinary (and maybe that’s stretching it). And they’ll get together later in the season on two occasions to sort it all out.

 After the game, Brian Billick and his entire locker room talked about nothing more than bad injuries, an extremely youthful offensive line and winning the game.

 Not HOW they won the game, just that they did. Probably a safe way to do the post-game press conferences, but it doesn’t negate how bad the team looks.

 So why?

 Is it the injuries? Is it McNair’s less-than-stellar play? Is it a lack of defensive focus? Was today the “real” Matt Stover?

 So many questions, so long to wait to find the answers…

 I will remember the weekend fondly, because it was a lot of fun.

 The Blue Angels have been buzzing the downtown San Francisco skyline for 72 hours with an amazing display. The weather has been nothing short of mid-60s, autumn, West Coast stunning. Even Stanford gave the locals here a thrill with their amazing win over USC.

 San Francisco is one of the world’s greatest cities – and certainly it’s the best America has to offer.

 But – WOW – did that game stink! A win is a win. They’re 3-2. They’re as injured as any team we’ve seen here since 1996, when it seemed the entire defense wound up on injured reserve.

 Adam Terry left Candlestick on crutches. Mike Flynn looked to be in better shape. Jon Ogden, Todd Heap, Trevor Pryce, Samari Rolle , Dan Wilcox and the rest of Bill Tessendorf’s infirmary are trying to heal. But it’s OBVIOUS how much this team needs some of those guys to have some miracle recoveries for this team to look good.

 I’m ramping up my videos. I hope you watch them. And I hope you join Dwan Edwards and I at Piv’s Pub on Monday night. It’s his first appearance on Monday Night Live and I’m really looking forward to chatting with him and learning some stuff about him.

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