Feeling sorry for the Yankees?


Me neither!

There’s something truly glorious about sitting around the television watching them lose with good friends that makes each October special. Seeing that blank look on Mariano Rivera’s face. Seeing their loudmouthed fans wearing backward rally caps and having that look of bewilderment in their eyes. At least the few who stayed to the end to watch the demise.

They have all of the money. They have all of the players. They have all of the hype. And every year — at least lately — they lose in a whimpering fashion. Much like watching the Pittsburgh Steelers get eliminated, it never gets old!

The New York Yankees haven’t won the World Series since BEFORE the Ravens won the Super Bowl! And it feels like ages ago that Trent Dilfer was leading the purple.

So, now it’s onto Cleveland-Boston and Arizona-Colorado.

This is the way baseball should be — some new teams mixed in each year, with some young players and some new October heroes.

Surely, the Red Sox will become the "bad guys" over the next few weeks, and that’s OK too…

They are the OTHER team that gets all of the hype, all of the players, all of the pub.

We’ll see what they’re made of over the next two weeks…

Oh, and so long to Jim Duquette! Just the latest in a long line of competent baseball people to be pushed outta the way by King Peter.

How long will Mike Flanagan continue to associate his name with this trainwreck?

I really miss the real Baltimore Orioles…