KOBS voting: Mike Stankovic vs. Art Donovan

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OK, so I posted a soccer blog yesterday and I watched soccer most of the day yesterday between pitches of what was another “Orioles Magic” kinda evening.

And, sure, I like soccer but necessarily because I loved the Blast as a kid. But Mike Stankovic is the soccer player who has made the greatest “on the field” contribution to professional soccer in Baltimore during our lifetime.  So, today, is a chance to vote for or against him and the legendary Art Donovan.

Most of us only know Artie as “Fatso,” the funny old guy who eats hot dogs and drinks Schlitz (not a sponsor of the KOBS contest by the way, but I think Donovan would drink a Bud if I gave him one).

But Artie was a Hall of Famer, and apparently a beast back in the day. I’ve seen the black and white film and the flat top.

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I saw Stankovic play — and play quite well very late in his career when he was coaching and playing for the Baltimore Spirit.

So, vote your conscience today and continue to have fun with the debates and the merits of the best pro athletes to ever represent Baltimore.


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