MLB #GiveASpit Ballpark Ranking: No. 20 Milwaukee Brewers


Milwaukee – The parking lots are named for Brewers heroes. They’re also filled with brats and beer and a convivial tailgate and picnic that makes the whole thing feel very summery and baseball-like. But, then, you enter an airplane hangar. I’ve seen many games there over the years and when the roof is open, it’s OK but it’s still baseball in a barn. Oh, and Bud Selig bent over the entire state of Wisconsin in a power play for hundreds of millions to get it built. My advice here is to arrive early on a nice summer day and make friends with the locals in the tailgating community. The stadium is a nice, clean, open facility but they’ve downgraded since Bernie Brewer no longer comes down the slide in the beer mug after dingers. In theory alone, that’s a sad concept. Remember to drink Wisconsinably…


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