More FREE THE BIRDS 2 details for Monday…

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After handing out FREE THE BIRDS signs at the Ravens game today, I feel a little better about our chances of having a legitimate "crowd" Monday night. Many, many people were very encouraging with their kind words about "not giving up the fight." And many people told me they’d "see me tomorrow."

I hope every WNST supporter and true Orioles lover will consider coming downtown on a beautiful night for September baseball and spend the $9 to join our crusade to try to save Baltimore baseball from more tyranny with this lousy ownership group.

That said, I don’t expect that we’ll get 40,000 FTB people tomorrow night, but again, the head count just doesn’t matter to me this year. I just want to support the local downtown businesses, send my message, allow others to send their message and have a little fun at a baseball game.

The number one question: "What do you have planned, specifically, for the game?"

The answer: "I have no plan!"

Other than a peaceful demonstration, I have no "desire" or "structure" for tomorrow night’s protest, other than to let the management know that we’re still here, and we’re still watching, and we STILL know that they are completely incompetent when it comes to running a baseball franchise in Baltimore.

(And, quite frankly, they’re not very nice, either! And don’t underestimate that! I think the biggest problem they have at this point is that they’re hard to "like," as much as anything. Matter of fact, their consistent actions, cowardice and lack of accountability makes them seem downright evil. They engender FAR more anger amongst Baltimoreans than sympathy, that’s for sure…you should’ve HEARD the stuff people were saying to me when I handed them signs today!)

People are still quite PISSED! But they feel helpless.

All that matters is this: We WILL be heard if there are enough of us on Monday night! That much I can guarantee!

Like I said five days ago, PLENTY of Baltimore’s sports fans know that there IS a protest being held on Monday night. All I can do is tell them. I can’t make them come downtown or "care" any more. And if you DON’T care, I can’t say that I blame you. The 40,000+ empty seats tomorrow night would be the evidence that you are in the majority if you DON’T care!

Free The Birds is really a "hardcore" movement, only supported by people like me who care so much, and miss Baltimore baseball so much, that we’re willing to do something about it.

We will begin our pre-game "festivities" at Maggie Moore’s at 4 p.m. We’ll walk to a few other bars and spend some money with the local businesses.

If you must "forego" the indoor tailgating, please meet us on the Babe Ruth statue promenade at the foot of Eutaw Street at 6:30 sharp. We’ll convene, "count heads" and go to a ballgame.

Free The Birds is Monday night. Temperature at gametime, according to the Weather Channel and the ghost of Rex Barney, is expected to be 78 degrees.

I hope the ghosts of Bill Hagy, Elrod Hendricks and many others is with us in Sects. 380 through 388 on Monday night.

If you’re on the fence, I hope you sleep on it and decide to come "just because."

Why not?

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