Morning Reaction Picks and Comment – Week 8


Here are this weekend’s picks as Drew Forrester and Luke Jones will pick every NFL game as well as local college football contests. As a special treat, we will pick our respective high schools’ games.
Drew Forrester is 69-34 after finishing 9-4 last week while Luke Jones is 69-34 after an 8-5 record in Week 7. Official standings are only kept based on the NFL picks.
To hear our full explanation for each pick, listen HERE.
Cardinals at Ravens: Baltimore 29-10 (Drew), Baltimore 24-13 (Luke)
Colts at Titans: Tennessee 24-17 (Drew), Tennessee 20-13 (Luke)
Jaguars at Texans: Houston 27-10 (Drew), Houston 23-9 (Luke)
Vikings at Panthers: Minnesota 23-20 (Drew), Carolina 24-17 (Luke)
Saints at Rams: New Orleans 31-16 (Drew), New Orleans 34-10 (Luke)
Dolphins at Giants: New York 24-7 (Drew), New York 27-12 (Luke)
Redskins at Bills (Toronto): Buffalo 24-3 (Drew), Buffalo 27-14 (Luke)
Lions at Broncos: Detroit 21-19 (Drew), Detroit 20-17 (Luke)
Patriots at Pittsburgh: New England 27-23 (Drew), New England 30-24 (Luke)
Browns at 49ers: San Francisco 24-20 (Drew), San Francisco 21-13 (Luke)
Bengals at Seahawks: Seattle 24-21 (Drew), Cincinnati 17-10 (Luke)
Cowboys at Eagles: Philadelphia 31-13 (Drew), Philadelphia 27-21 (Luke)
Chargers at Chiefs: San Diego 27-16 (Drew), San Diego 25-17 (Luke)
Boston College at Maryland: Terrapins 33-20 (Drew), Terrapins 27-14 (Luke)
Delaware at Towson: Tigers 28-21 (Drew), Tigers 25-21 (Luke)
Navy at Notre Dame: Fighting Irish 26-23 (Drew), Fighting Irish 24-17 (Luke)
Morgan State at Delaware State: Bears 28-10 (Drew), Bears 17-13 (Luke)
Glen Burnie at Old Mill: Gophers 18-14 (Drew), Patriots 34-7 (Luke)
Susquehannock at Kennard-Dale: Rams 16-13 (Drew), Warriors 13-12 (Luke)