Morning Reaction Tuesday Top 7 Unforgettable Moments


In honor of one of the most unforgettable playmakers in NFL history, wide receiver Randy Moss, announcing his desire to return in 2012, we offer our lists of our top 7 most unforgettable plays.

These moments had to be witnessed in person or on television as they happened — eliminating plays we’ve only seen on highlight shows such as Sportscenter — and we had to remember exactly where we were when they took place.

Luke Jones’ Top 7 … (Listen to full explanation HERE)

7) Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield’s ear

6) Christian Laettner’s shot against Kentucky

5) David Tyree’s helmet catch

4) Drew Nicholas’ game-winning shot against NC-Wilmington

3) Michael Jordan’s game-winner against Utah in 1998 NBA Finals

2) Anthony Mitchell blocked field goal return for a touchdown in 2000 divisional playoff

1) Jeffrey Maier takes the ball away from Tony Tarasco
*If you really want to see it again, click HERE.

Drew Forrester’s Top 7 … (Listen to full explanation HERE)