MUST I root for the Redskins tonight?


Tonight is the hardest place for any Steadman-reading, Eckman listening, WNST-enjoying Baltimoron to be. The kickoff in the ultimate matchup of our enemies — Steelers at Redskins — is soon at hand and I’m looking forward to the game.

I hate them both equally. It’s so hard to separate. Given the standings in the AFC North and the miracle comeback yesterday in Cleveland, all we can hope for is that the Redskins can derail the Steelers for a few hours tonight and put us in a better position to earn a playoff berth.

I won’t be singing “Hail To The Redskins” at any point this evening, but seeing Hines Ward and company get crushed down at Raljon won’t hurt my feelings an iota. The one Redskins fan I allow in my life — Chef Scotto — even called to see if I’d wish the Skins luck.

I sheepishly admitted that yes, an old-fashioned burgundy and gold ass kicking of the Steelers would warm my heart and be the “neighborly” thing to do. Just like when he’s gonna need us vs. the Giants, Cowboys and Eagles in the coming weeks.

So, yes, it’s shameful but I’ll be “on the bandwagon” tonight — thinking of Jack Kent Cooke — and watching from the warm comfort of HDTV.