Ogden vs. McNally in KOBS

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I was actually shocked at how quietly Jon Ogden walked away from the Ravens a few weeks ago. I thought that it’d be a more emotional deal for the fans and that there would be more “appreciation” for what an amazing talent Ogden was in Baltimore.

Well, today I’m sure he’ll get his just due in the voting of the Toyota Live Web King of Baltimore Sports contest taking on Dave McNally.

But I’m really wondering how he’s going to fare moving forward. You could make a case that no one had a more effective career, especially being the first pick of the franchise.

What more could Jon Ogden have done as a Raven?

Vote away today as we get to the end of the first round of the competition.




By the way, I’m not giving up on the Orioles just yet. They EASILY could be on a three-game winning streak.

We’ll see how they adjust to life without Matt Albers and Jamie Walker in the bullpen. And we’ll also see how Adam Loewen fares now that he’s been rushed back.

The one ”little” detail that’s been lost on the local baseball audience as the O’s have had great success and comeback fortune over the first half of the season is the fact that the team has been almost 100% healthy in most respects.

Now the injuries have come calling and the depth will be exploited or applauded.

Either way, it the absolute middle odf the season for the O’s and they’re still fun to watch.

That’s all we could ask for…


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