Orioles beaten at own illogical game in devastating 3-2 loss


NEW YORK — Sixteen straight wins in extra-inning games.

A 76-0 record when leading after seven innings this season.

Both streaks finished.

All season long, the Orioles have defied logic in completing a 24-game turnaround to win the American League Wild Card to meet the New York Yankees in the Division Series.

Their 3-2 loss in 12 innings at Yankee Stadium was as illogical as anything from which they benefited in the 2012 season. And the crushing defeat leaves them on the verge of elimination as veteran left-hander Joe Saunders will go to the hill to try to keep the Orioles alive in Game 4.

Jim Johnson had faltered only three nights earlier in allowing five runs in the ninth inning of the Orioles’ 7-2 defeat in Game 1. The closer had converted 51 of 54 save opportunities this season to earn his first trip to the All-Star Game. There was no way he’d stumble again with a 3-2 lead in the ninth inning and his work on Monday night reinforced that claim.

He certainly wasn’t supposed to have any trouble against pinch-hitter Raul Ibanez, who Yankees manager Joe Girardi shockingly sent to the plate to bat for the struggling Alex Rodriguez. Lifting the future Hall of Fame third baseman for an admittedly hot-swinging 40-year-old was as bold as any of the curious moves made by the Orioles this season that worked out for no sound reason at all, it seemed.

And Baltimore saw firsthand what it felt like to fall victim to something seeming to be illogical as Ibanez deposited a 1-0 fastball into the right-field seats to tie the game.

“If you make your pitch, it doesn’t really matter,” Johnson said. “That’s what it comes down to. Ibanez, he’s a good low-ball hitter and obviously he has that hook swing. It’s just pitching. You’ve got to pitch down, change speeds and locate.”

The blast meant extra innings, a territory in which the Orioles hadn’t failed since April 11 when they were coming off their second straight loss in extra frames — ironically against the same Yankees — in two nights.

The Baltimore bats remained silent as they had for most of the night before Ibanez stepped to the plate to lead off the bottom of the 12th against left-hander Brian Matusz.

Lightning couldn’t strike twice, could it? Certainly not in extra innings where the Orioles have been king?

Ibanez crushed a Matusz fastball into the right-field seats on the first pitch of the inning, sending the Yankees home happy and up 2-1 in the five-game series, pushing the Orioles to the brink of elimination.

It was difficult to believe as the Orioles discussed in the clubhouse what had just happened to them moments earlier.

“You never want to experience a situation like that,” Matusz said. “Whether it’s a game-winning walk-off home run or in the first inning. The ultimate goal is to go out there and throw strikes and put up zeros. It’s not a good feeling, but you have to stay positive and move forward.”

As much as fans will point to the failures of Johnson and Matusz in not being able to subdue Ibanez’s bat, the Orioles’ inability to generate much of anything offensively doomed their opportunity to take a series lead heading into Game 4. New York pitching retired 21 of 22 Orioles hitters at one point Wednesday night and the club has plated just seven runs in the first three games of the series.

Their two All-Star hitters, Adam Jones and Matt Wieters, are by no means the only ones not hitting, but the pair has combined for just three hits in their first 33 postseason at-bats counting the wild card play-in game against the Texas Rangers. A fielding miscue by Jones that led to a run-scoring triple by Derek Jeter certainly didn’t help matters, either.

The Orioles lineup did little — rookies Ryan Flaherty and Manny Machado hit solo homers to account for the offensive production — to support the dominating performance from Miguel Gonzalez, who struck out eight and allowed one run in seven innings of work.

The offense simply hasn’t been good enough, and it’s a major reason why the Orioles find their backs to the wall. And the poor production placed them in a position for Girardi to send Ibanez instead of Rodriguez to the plate with a chance to tie the game with one swing.

Even with Rodriguez’s immense struggles, it didn’t seem to make sense to bench the highest paid player in the game, regardless of his struggles.

But it worked.

As a result, the Orioles now face the colossal challenge of winning two straight win-or-go-home games at Yankee Stadium to advance to the AL Championship Series. We’ll see if they’re ready to answer the bell in the way they have countless times this season, albeit with stakes that were never so high.

“It’s pretty much win or go home tomorrow, isn’t it?” Jones said. “There’s pretty much no turning back. We’re going to have the same attitude, the same mentality we’ve had since the first day of spring training. We’re going to have fun, let it fly, and live with the results.”





  1. Couldn’t agree more. Been watching and listening to Oriole baseball since 1960 and that ranks in my top 3 as far as tough losses go. You got to wonder about Jim Johnson. The guy has given up 3 HRs in 71 innings during the regular season and has now surrendered 2 in 4 innings against the Yankees. His performance reminds me of Byung Hyun Kim back in the 2001 world Series. However, the big story is lack of hitting. Had they tacked on a run or 2 Ibanez’s HR wouldn’t have mattered. Since the start of the Tampa series last week the Os have put upp 16 runs in 7 games. Your not going to win many games with that production.

  2. The 2 men on with nobody out, followed by bases loaded with 2 out coming up empty sealed their fate…trying to win 1 run games against the Yankees in Yankee Stadium is risky business indeed.Then expecting to never lose a 1 run game after the 7th, expecting to win a 17th straight extra inning game, all these things added up to trouble… grooving Ibanez 1st pitch fastballs, the hottest hitter in their line up along with Martin and Jeter, wasn’t such a good idea either…with that super short porch in right field any fly ball from a left handed power hitter is sure to go out… although the shot that ended the game would have gone out anywhere…

  3. Well, the Yanks big guns aren’t exactly hitting either. But what made the game fun last night, despite the crushing loss, was the young guns for the Birds are hitting; Machado and Flaherty both homered and Gonzo got the Birds to the 7th inning. Now if the bullpen that Bucky has gotten to be so overly dependent on can come through (won’t name names, right Jim Johnson), the Orioles still have a chance.

    Got 2 rallies for tonight; one to recover from the loss, the other to win tonight to force game 5.

    NEVER SAY DIE. WE’RE STILL ALIVE till the last out. LET’S GO BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ok, enough on the Orioles lack of hitting, the Yanks big guns aren’t exactly hitting either which is why A-Rod was lifted for Ibanez that led to the Orioles crushing loss.

    The GOOD NEWS from last night is that the baby Birds Machado and Flaherty both homered and Gonzo got the Birds to the 7th inning till disaster struck. At least fans can cheer for Machado and Flaherty.

    Now the Orioles have two rallies for tonight; one to recover from last night and the other to win to force game 5.

    As Yankees great Yogi Berra has said, it’s NOT OVER TILL IT’S OVER.

    NEVER SAY DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Devastating NO when you don’t capitalize on scoring chances don’t expect to win many games (bases loaded). Sad to say I think it’s over in 5 games and the Yanks win. Sad to say, Jim Thome is done as a baseball player,he just doesn’t have it anymore.No hitting=no winning.

  6. @ Steve…true that…you can’t rely on your 8-9 hitters to carry you offensively…the starting pitching has kept us in all the games… no hitting and 2 blown saves has put us in a 2-1 hole… as much as you have give credit to the other teams pitching, its time for the heart of the order to come up big… lets see if they’ve got another bounce back in them…if they can get it back to 2-2, this Yankee team may get tight enough to choke in game 5…lets hope so.

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