Orioles continue to drag feet on signing Sarasota deal

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While it appears to be a fait accompli that the Orioles will play their spring training games in Sarasota in three months, the Sarasota Herald Tribune reported today that the Orioles still have not officially notified the officials there in writing that they’ll actually show up in February.

As I’ve written before, they’ll live to regret working with the Angelos group. Everyone always does.

Here’s my favorite excerpt from yesterday’s report:

“The Orioles were supposed to tell Sarasota County by Nov. 1 whether they would hold spring training at Ed Smith in 2010.

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That notification has not happened yet. So while the Orioles have committed to a 30-year deal in Sarasota starting in 2011, they have not yet indicated whether they will play there in the spring of 2010.

Orioles spokesman Greg Bader did not immediately return a call for comment this afternoon.”

But for now, we’re 72 hours away from free hot dogs and bon bons at Ed Smith Stadium on Saturday.

We’ll be reporting on this as it continues.

And it always does…

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