Orioles home opener in danger of not selling out!


Well, perhaps I was wrong about going to the NFL Owners Meetings and sitting out Opening Day. I thought it might be a tough ticket with all of the youngsters the Orioles have tried pushing during the offseason.

Geez, I figure if you’re ever gonna give them a chance and come back to the ballpark, it’s gonna be Opening Day.

I hope you all have a GREAT time at Hooters at the Inner Harbor on Monday. I know Ray Bachman and Bob Haynie are REALLY juiced about hanging, drinking Bud Lights and going to Opening Day.

Honestly, I wish I were going to the game, but the NFL Owners Meetings has made me feel welcome in the past and I’m going south to learn what’s up with my favorite league, the NFL. I figure I have all year to do Orioles games but Opening Day is always special.

I’ll be blogging from Palm Beach, Fla. for the next four days.

But, I’ll be back on Thursday to host a group of true Orioles fans who want to go to the game and have a good time.

I was just curious to see their promotions for the year and how much tickets are so I could blog and set up this party at Wharf Rat on Thursday night.

(It looks like they’re $8…and plenty of good LEFT FIELD UPPER RESERVE seats are available!)

But then I started poking around the system looking for Opening Day tickets and it was ALARMING.

We’ve been getting emails saying that corporate sponsors were being offered SWATHS of tickets. I also saw a blog posting earlier about the tickets.

But you can punch 50 tickets into the Ticketmaster system and buy gobs of seats in virtually any price range.

Can the Orioles honestly be in major danger of NOT selling out Opening Day.

Not in my lifetime have I been able to buy hundreds of tickets on the Friday night before Opening Day. NEVER!

Just when you think it can’t get worse…

I hope you join us on Thursday. Come ready to cheer, chant, laugh, watch baseball and tell stories!

In the meantime, I’ll be seeing what’s up with the NFL and hoping to have some fun.

Just like I want to on Thursday with the Orioles and baseball.