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For the record, Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer are keeping me
imminently entertained.

We honestly considered taking a walk over tonight, hoping to
find someone to hand us tickets.

My “no pay” policy is VERY firm…I bought tickets for their
FanFest two weeks ago. I pulled a $10 bill out of my pocket and paid to get in,
just to see what a “fan” experience would feel like in 2007.

I was honestly shocked by the optimism. There were probably
7-10,000 people there — nice crowd, I thought, considering the circumstances. I
stayed an hour, thought it felt very corporate and stuffy for the most part,
and really, the autographs were the glue holding it together and people had to
wait in the cold for an hour to get a signature. I thought it was kinda sloppy,
to be honest, but it was what it was — an event of SOME kind to get people
involved, even if it was a little chilly and damp and not “comfortable.”

But that was it for me. I game them $9 last year and $10
this year.

But I have some benefactors coming through with some of
their many unused tickets. Don’t forget to send your May 8 tickets to Drew for his event with families!

I mean, c’mon. Put the game on and open your eyes. The
stadium is EMPTY! It’s really sad!


And even more sad is that the stadium is two blocks from my
home, and I’m not even all that interested in walking up there and freezing
tonight. And the chances of someone handing me two tickets was probably pretty decent, I’d think.

And the more they dish up Palmer and Thorne on MASN, the more “glued
in” I am on television. Sometimes, I kinda close my eyes and treat it like a cool radio
broadcast. Palmer and Thorne telling stories. What could be better than that, if you’re gonna watch baseball?

I’m gonna hear EVERY Palmer story
ONE MORE time this summer, because he’s explaining stuff to Thorne as he goes
along. “Ball-merizing” him, if you will! I don’t know about you, but I love Palmer’s stories. Always have! They always include him, which I think is cool, because I always thought Palmer was cool. (My Pop always called him a “candy ass,” for what’s it’s worth…and whatever that means?)

So, it’s like classic baseball conversation. No fluff, no
BS, very believable, very professional, very passionate and knowledgeable…and

It’s like they’re in my living room, and there’s a martini server in the corner and I’m having cocktails at the ballgame with these two cats with great stories. All that’s missing is the HD monitor on MASN (one of three teams in MLB without HD…Nats and Royals are the others). Throw in the cheesy, stupid, almost-comically bad commercials for comedy — the woman on the mound, the kid harrassing Markakis), and hell, 74 wins might not be so bad after all.

I think I’m drooling…or hallucinating about the next
sentence I’m about to type:



I FOUND IT!!!!!!! ONE THING IN 13 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, if he REALLY wants to fix things, bring Brother Lo back to call the weekend games. Or put Lowenstein, Palmer and Thorne in there. NOW, you’d have the straw stirring the drink!!! THAT would be some MUST-listen radio/TV broadcasting!

Now if they could just find some people who wanted to come
to their games…

And if they could encourage their players to be a little
more accessible and out in the community, making a memory or two, even if they
can’t on the field because the team sucks…

And if they could just discover that HDTV actually exists…

And if they could just blah, blah, blah…

Maybe if they could just think about being “nice”
once in a while, ya know?


But I’m dreaming, I know…

But…BIG thumbs up to Thorne/Palmer!

Now if I could just talk Thorne into coming over to the
condo and calling the 10:30 NHL games for me from my couch!

Beer’s on me, Gary!!

“He shoots…he scores!!”

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