Postcard from Green Bay & Lambeau Field


It’s early morning here in Green Bay and the snow is beginning to fall. It’s 19 degrees here in the land of the frozen tundra and we’re expected to get 1-to-2 inches of fresh snow before the indoor tailgates begin this afternoon. And, no, they will not be closing schools here in Wisconsin today or freaking out on the local news.

The Ravens are in a pretty good position if they can find a way to win this football game tonight at Lambeau Field. The Steelers lost yesterday. The Jaguars won. There is still plenty of football left and for anyone who just pencils in “win” vs. Detroit, Chicago or Oakland, all you need to do is check the results every Sunday to realize there are no “easy” wins in the NFL. (Except if you’re playing Cleveland, that is, and thankfully we don’t have to see them again!)

I’ll be writing from the press box at Lambeau Field tonight. We’ll have the Purple Haze chat room open, we’ll be Tweeting, Facebooking and texting you all of the info as the game unfolds.

We hope you keep it tuned to on the net tonight or join Eric Aaronson and his hearty crew at the Canton Entertainment Center (former Huckas) in Canton for the Coors Light Neighborhood Tour stop during the Ravens-Packers game.

I’ll also be getting some instant videos up from the two tailgates we’re throwing this afternoon here in Green Bay.

Enjoy the game!