Ray Rice indicted for third-degree aggravated assault


Ravens running back Ray Rice was indicted on an aggravated assault charge stemming form an incident that occurred at an Atlantic City casino last month, acting Atlantic County prosecutor Jim McClain announced Thursday.
The 27-year-old allegedly struck and rendered his fiancee, Janay Palmer, unconscious in the Revel Casino on Feb. 15 and was initially arrested and charged with simple assault-domestic violence. However, the case was referred to the prosecutor’s office for further review as Palmer was also charged with simple assault-domestic violence for allegedly striking Rice.
Prosecutors presented the case to the grand jury, which handed down the more serious charge of third-degree aggravated assault “for attempting to cause significant body injury, and/or purposely or knowing causing such injury, and/or recklessly causing such injury under extreme indifference to the value of human life.” The charge carries a potential three-to-five year prison sentence with a conviction.
The original charge against Palmer was dismissed.
“On behalf of Ray Rice we vehemently deny that Mr. Rice committed an aggravated assault,” Rice’s attorney, Michael Diamondstein, told The Press of Atlantic City on Thursday. “Both Mr. Rice and Miss Palmer are together, they are happy, and they’re in counseling.”
The attorney also expressed that neither Rice nor Palmer want to move forward with the case.
The Ravens have stood by Rice since last month’s evidence became public with owner Steve Bisciotti saying earlier this week that the troubled running back would remain with the team in 2014. Head coach John Harbaugh echoed Bisciotti’s sentiment at the NFL owners meetings in Orlando on Tuesday.
The organization released the following statement on Thursday afternoon regarding the indictment:

“This is part of the due process for Ray. We know there is more to Ray Rice than this one incident.”

League commissioner Roger Goodell said Wednesday that the NFL was continuing to monitor the case but expressed that there was no timetable on any potential discipline being handed down to the seventh-year running back.


  1. The criminal Justice System ia a multi Billion dollar business that supports millions of jobs . In order to keep all those Judges, Lawyers , clerks , Policemen , typist , jail gaurds , bailifs , court reporters ,bail bondsmen, etc. etc. etc. employed , the system needs fodder to keep it all going . Enter Ray Rice and the millions of young men who find themselves snared in the system. When you venture outside your house ,and get together with your friends , chances are you’re breaking some kind of law . Be careful , your being watched and recorded . It’s not the 1950’s anymore .

  2. Yeah, what Eddie said. It’s da Man’s fault. It is getting so a guy can’t even whup on his girl anymore w/o the guv’ment want to charge him with asalt. You right, it ain’t the 50’s no more. Why, in the 50s Mr. Rice might not have been allowed in that casino, unless he was working there…
    I have no idea if Mr. Rice is guilty as charged. That will be determined. But blaming the criminal justice system? You want to know who is responsible for the predicament Mr. Rice finds himself in? Look at the picture near the top of this page.
    Good luck to Mr. Rice. I hope that whatever the outcome of his current troubles, he is able learn a lesson and to move on with his life. Just be the kind of guy that your little girl can proudly call, “Daddy.”
    Also good luck to Ravens fans. For now you get to defend yourself for being a fan of a team with ‘that’ guy on it, you know, the [pick one] wife beater, rapist, killer, drug dealer/user, etc. At least you have some experience with Mr. Lewis and the constant inane comments about his bit of trouble many years ago.

  3. Kolo , , Glad you brought up Mr. Lewis’s name. Charged with Murder and yet the Police and Prosecutors had not ONE Shred of evidence that Ray Lewis commited the crime of Murder . But everybody involved in the Trial procedings sure made a lot of $ Money . Of course Not Mr. Lewis, he Paid a lot of Money . And those good ole boys down in Atlanta sure put in a lot of overtime on that case . Kept all those Lawyers and clerks , Jailers , Judges , and Police workin hard and gettin paid . All without one peice of evidence that Ray Lewis commited Murder .

  4. Prosecutors and judges are paid a salary and get no over time. Jailers and police do not have the power to bring charges. What exactly was your point?

  5. The point is The Criminal Justice System need’s to charge people for crimes, sometimes without evidence to support the charge, because “IT” -The Criminal Justice System- needs customers to keep all those well paid people busy . Enter Ray Rice .

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