Report: Caldwell to join Ravens' coaching staff as offensive assistant


The Ravens plan to hire former Indianapolis Colts head coach Jim Caldwell as an offensive assistant, according to a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter.
After announcing offensive coordinator Cam Cameron would return for the 2012 season, coach John Harbaugh went on to say the Ravens would consider the possibility of hiring a quarterbacks coach after leaving the position unfilled this past season. After being fired by Indianapolis after a 2-14 season without future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning, Caldwell appears to be the Ravens’ choice to help tutor quarterback Joe Flacco in 2012.
Former Raiders coach Hue Jackson served as Flacco’s quarterback coach in his first two seasons and former Redskins coach Jim Zorn served in the same capacity for the 2010 season. Zorn’s dismissal was not a popular move with the quarterback, who was critical of the team’s decision last offseason.


  1. Never saw the guy ever open his mouth while coaching at Indy. Lets hope theres a football coach inside of him somewhere. Have my doubts about this hire.

  2. Luke. How long before the idiots start writing in that the Ravens ought to sign Peyton Manning and dump Joe. You know it’s coming

  3. Harbaugh just hired another ‘yes man’ to make him feel good , one more man to tell him how good he is,,,,,,,,now they can all get together and tell each other how good they really are…………

  4. This was a Vegas Prop bet this year
    Colts wins (-1.5) vs. times Jim Caldwell blinks his eyes on sideline
    Colts wins covered

  5. People need to look past the fact that in their last head coaching seasons our OC and new QB coach had a combined record of (3-32). It’s misleading.
    I think this is a great pick up. Caldwell was with Manning for 10 years. 10 years of fine tuning a QB with all the physical talents that Caldwells other two quarterbacks from this season lacked, and that Flacco has.
    It’s also a MUCH overdue indication that Harbs, Cam and Ozzie are looking to open this offense up in a meaningful way next season.

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