The return of the Baltimore Colts fight song?


On an otherwise slow day in Westminster, I came across this link earlier this afternoon.
Yes, the Baltimore Ravens are considering changing the team’s fight song and adopting the old Baltimore Colts fight song with new lyrics. The Ravens’ current fight song has never caught on with fans as many critics believe it’s a shame to have such a tradition-filled fight song going unused.
I can already hear some complaining that the Ravens need their own identity and shouldn’t latch on to the Colts’ tradition, but this statement carries far less weight than it used to as the Ravens are beginning their 15th season in Baltimore. As a third-generation Baltimore football fan who was only an infant when the Colts left town in the middle of the night in March 1984, the old fight song pays homage to Baltimore’s rich football history.
If the Ravens’ current fight song had even an iota of the same sentiment, this question wouldn’t even be pondered after so many years.
The choice is obvious, isn’t it?