Friday, January 15, 2021


Candace Dodson-Reed

ElectionPalooza IV: What it all comes down to on Tuesday in America

Getting you ready for a Tuesday Election Night in America. Ryan Miner of A Miner Detail, Tom Coale and Candace Dodson-Reed of Elevate Maryland, Marc Steiner, Lucinda Ware and Delegate Brooke Lierman join Nestor Aparicio and Don Mohler to...

Taking the temperature for what Marylanders want in election season

Bringing together the best podcasts in the state, ElectionPalooza III focuses on how polls shape elections and what they tell us about the mood of the electorate. Elevate Maryland, A Miner Detail and BP join forces to welcome Lucinda...

Honoring the power of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

For our special ElectionPalooza II featuring A Miner Detail, Elevate Maryland, Center Maryland and The Marc Steiner Show, we paid respects to a monumental figure in American history and discuss the future of the bench. Yes, this election is important...

EPISODE 265: ElectionPalooza 1 with Elevate Maryland, A Miner Detail and Steiner discuss race and Trump in America

The best of Maryland's political podcasts join our Baltimore Positive cast for a spirited debate about the future of our country
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That time I vacationed in Buffalo

Back in 2007, Nestor Aparicio did the 48-hour "Where to Go in Buffalo" video prior to a horrible Ravens loss to the Bills in Orchard Park. At least's Nestor's in North Tonowanda served a legit hot dog. Oh, and the wings were solid as well...
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