Sunday, January 24, 2021


Gun Trace Task Force

Jayne Miller recaps four decades of journalism, covering and uncovering crime and how to better serve Baltimore

Nestor has wanted to chat on the radio with Jayne Miller for at least 20 years. But, as Don Mohler pointed out in serving in his two decades of government, it's when Jayne Miller wants to chat with you that there is usually deep concern at a place that answers to the public trust.

EPISODE 261: Exposing the monsters of the Gun Trace Task Force

Of all of the crimes against the citizens of Baltimore in recent times, nothing compares to the gruesome ugliness of the Gun Trace Task Force and how police officers weaponized their badges to become deadly criminals at taxpayer expense
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That time Larry King wrote about my book and discussed the history of Orioles baseball

Back in the 1990s when he worked at CNN in Washington, Larry King was a frequent visitor at Camden Yards and loved talking Orioles baseball and Little Looey with Nestor.
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