Taking some baseball time to see one of the greatest to ever play this week at Camden Yards?

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Luke Jones and Nestor discuss Camden Yards filling up over the weekend against the Pirates and loading up the Bird Bath as Shohei Ohtani comes back to play (and pitch the) baseball this week.


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Nestor Aparicio, Luke Jones

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

W n s t, Towson Baltimore. And we’re Baltimore positive. We have taken a break from the crab cake thing this week because I have the crab races it fails on Wednesday. I am jockeying a crab and the Preakness crab shuffle come on down to Lexington market on Wednesday lunchtime and continue the tradition of one time Mayor William Donald shape will be given away. scratch offs in the mayor louder I know I have him around here. The insolite I just had bags full of these John Martin Roz they given to me. We had tons of winners last week as well. We had a beautiful chauffeured State Fair. On a Friday afternoon. It was glorious bill me Dell from CFG bank, my pal Josh Levine from Elektra DJs talking about mitzvahs and bar mitzvahs. And Luke will love this because he had a whole coke and Bar Mitzvah are and or should be bought mitzvah. Sorry. I’m mixing things up. Bar Mitzvah, foreign fart I got that right. But he had a Hulk Hogan one back in the in the 90s. And Hulk Hogan actually signed his shirt. So Josh has a wrestling story for the Luke Jones heart. We also had a good time with Chris pica was back from X f L duties. And we talked a lot about TV and media and Lamar and the Ravens and spring off season. We will get to that with Luke Jones. Our friends and winter nation also put us out on the road. We’re gonna be at the local on the 23rd up and false and that’s next Tuesday, the Maryland crabcakes represented by the Maryland lottery and window nation back out, but we did have a good time over Katyn. So we’re looking forward to get back over there to El Guapo Sullivan Hattie, that pit beef and Evans join over there in Catonsville. Look, I’ve done everything I’ve taught football crabcakes, spring cleaning, seal concerts, all sorts of things. But it’s like a real baseball season here. Like I know when the games are I know whether they’re a massive one or two. Even when I’m at a co concert, I’m checking the app. I did go into a an Irish bar down in DC and asked for the baseball game and they put the Nationals on I thought that was kind of weird. On Wednesday down there, but how are you man, a wild wild Mother’s Day weekend? Happy Mother’s Day to your sister, your mom, to everybody out there. But you were busy chasing pennant race baseball, something you’ve been waiting 15 years to do around here, I think right?

Luke Jones  02:16

Yeah. Well, I mean, I’ll continue to not forget the book show Walter era. But it’s been exciting. And it’s been. I mean, every time you look at this team, we talked about this a lot at the end of the Tampa Bay series last week that you’ve seen a couple losses, they lost three in a row for the first time last week when we were talking about the Atlanta series. And

Nestor Aparicio  02:37

have you forgotten about that? You got to bring that up already? No, I’m bringing it up

Luke Jones  02:41

because of how this team answers and bounces back. And I mean, a great example over the weekend of how quickly it can go the other way is the team that was in town facing the Orioles. So over the weekend, I mean, you look look at where Pittsburgh was two weeks ago. They were good. Yeah. And I mean, they’re they’re a team that’s been rebuilding and rebuilding and rebuilding and rebuilding and doing that a little bit more for

Nestor Aparicio  03:05

the better. Close to Bobby Binya is what I call it. But yeah,

Luke Jones  03:08

I mean, for the better part of the last 30 years. I mean, that’s where the pirates have been. And I mean, one of the teams out there that’s probably been worse than the Orioles over the last 30 years, which, you know, is saying something fine. They are, but you look at where they were two weeks ago and where they are now. And yes, they did get the win on Sunday and Mitch Keller pitch great. And he’s been a major bright spot for them. But they’ve completely fallen off and fallen apart over the last two weeks. So my point was that the Orioles went through that stretch with Atlanta and then the opener of the Tampa Bay series and you’re saying okay, well, you just lost three in a row to the top two teams in baseball, but then they came right back and they won the last two of that series against the rays and they carry that momentum right into the weekend against the pirates. And, you know, you mentioned about the enthusiasm. Look at the crowds over the weekend. Not sellouts, not saying that they’re at that point. But

Nestor Aparicio  04:07

what is the right people go into the games they had? Can I just say that they had that they had the people who are gonna go to the games, the people who have been waiting at home or engage that is Colossus being one of them. I’ve let a Raskin on Shohei Otani pitching this week all during this week. You know, tickets are 10 box he says right on the screen. I don’t know if it’s really 10 bucks. I haven’t clicked on it to see whether it’s 28 by the time Ticketmaster comes in with the mafia. But I would say the squirting thing Dude, I don’t get it. I didn’t get the pie thing. Right. And I’m not I’m not a teetotaller. I’m not against fun. I like fun and I don’t get it. But if people are enjoying it, I’ll wave the flag and say two points for TJ Brighton and takedown is what I would say if they’re selling tickets for people who want to get soaked by some goofy guy with a hose that’s And I want to put that on TV and make that the pie. Get it sponsored by Liberty pure water and go go have at it. I mean, if it gets people downtown and it gets them excited, I and nobody’s being harmed, maybe getting wet. I’m all for it.

Luke Jones  05:16

Exactly. It’s all about casting as wide a net as you can, right? I mean, you’re trying to attract people. And yes, ultimately, and I’ve said this over and over to you, and we’ve talked about this for years, winning is still going to be paramount to really getting people in throughs getting people to buy in. But there are other ways in the process of winning and hopefully winning more and continuing to win for the long haul. Whether it’s the birdbath section, or whether it’s certain giveaways here or there, or kids running the bases, after Sunday home games, all those different things. They’re all attracting different types of demographics to the ballpark. And I think what you saw over the weekend with that, and they they drew I think it was just under 26,000 on Friday night, even had an opportunity. My my pastor was at the game. He’s a Pittsburgh fan. Now he’s,

Nestor Aparicio  06:04

he’s the one that I will remind him that he lost exactly, but he’s the one that I will fraternize. I’m in our relationship to know your pastor. But I feel like I’ve had a relationship because I lived through 1979, I remember,

Luke Jones  06:17

but had a chance he was sitting in the upper deck right behind home plate, I went up, went upstairs to sit with him for an inning or two and the ballpark other than left field, upper deck, which you know, they’ve closed off the last couple years, you know, just because and hopefully they get to a point where they’re opening.

Nestor Aparicio  06:33

It was where I led the walk out in the walk in. I used to sell all the tickets up there. And then we let the walk out from up there. Now it’s closed down. I assume it’ll be a bar at some point, right? I mean, aren’t aren’t all the stadiums turning things into purchase? Isn’t that what that when John gets his money from Wesson? It’ll be adaptive. So it’ll be something glorious before it’s all over with right? In Seattle, you know what they’ve done? They’ve turned it into a perch where you watch the sunset. I mean, it’s it’s the place to be in Seattle. Nobody’s ever smoked cannabis. And you know what? I’ve been to Seattle, Seattle’s turn, there were seats into the place where everybody wants to be?

Luke Jones  07:10

Well, and that’s the reality. And you know, not I don’t want to get too far off track here. But a 45,000 seat ballpark, at this point? Is that really the best way to use the space? Or do you make it? I don’t know, 39 or 40. And you transform some areas of the ballpark like that, for example. So

Nestor Aparicio  07:29

the deck in centerfield and it’s been incredible success.

Luke Jones  07:33

Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, so. So other than that, though, going back to Friday night, other than those sections out in left field, upper deck, I mean, the ballpark was pretty darn full. I mean, when you’re up behind home plate, on the third level, you really see most of the most of the ballpark, and it was full, and you’ll

Nestor Aparicio  07:52

see this for you sitting with your pastor up there. Does your pastor go every year or just to the pirates?

Luke Jones  07:57

I mean, usually, I mean, he’ll try to go to like one game a year. What

Nestor Aparicio  08:00

I’m saying is he had an experience on Friday night. That was a full rich experience. You go down there real people there, there’s a real game. Dude, you sat down there for seasons at a time where that didn’t even happen once. Maybe bobblehead night or Jim Palmer plaque night or whatever. But to come to the ballpark to get to be from Pennsylvania, be a little older, come once a year come down to have a rich experience. That’s so so important. For people coming back. Some people haven’t been back since the tank circle the building and they play for nobody. You don’t I mean, some people haven’t been in a long, long time, or they went five years ago, don’t remember or whatever. But it is where you grab your beer now. Things have changed. I went opening day, it feels like a different experience than the Peter principles.

Luke Jones  08:50

Yeah, yeah, it definitely does. I mean, it’s you have that. And then on Friday night, when you have that kind of an atmosphere and that kind of crowd, you have Cedric Mullins hit for the cycle then and to see that and I was able to capture the video, you could check it out on Twitter, it kind of went viral. The ovation that he got, you know, it’s weird now with the pitch timer, right? Those, those spontaneous moments where you step out of the box and your teammate gets a curtain call coming out of the dugout, you don’t really know how to handle that part of it. Right. So

Nestor Aparicio  09:20

that comes back here. What did they do? Well, I mean, the fifth step out of the picture, and there’s a way for them in it, right? That’s my, but that’s my,

Luke Jones  09:31

I’m not entirely sure. But the way it worked out perfectly though, was he hits the three run homer in the bottom of the eighth to make the game six, two, and then everyone else in the dugout going out to play defense for the top of the night. They stay back for a few moments. And Cedric Mullins ran out by himself. And he got a standing ovation. I mean, it was awesome. It was awesome. I mean, you can check it out on my Twitter and see that but you get that kind of an experience when you come to the ballpark and as you mentioned, whether, whether it’s been nine years, whether it’s been since the pandemic, whether it’s just been that you’ve only gone once a year over the last five years, but if you were there Friday night, you saw, I mean, that was an experience that was a memory right there. And it’s not as though they haven’t had some guys hit for the cycle here in recent years, because they have but knowing what Cedric Mullins has meant to them the last few years and, you know, being an all star two years ago, and being one of those guys that was there from the beginning of this rebuild. Now he arrived in the majors and in 18, as Adam Jones was leaving, and to see him get that moment, in the midst of the Orioles playing. You can’t say first place baseball because of the rays, but they’re playing first place caliber baseball because the second best record, but you know, they, that was special. And that was a kind of wishful I

Nestor Aparicio  10:51

feel it’s a pie jersey that I gave away to Goodwill a couple years ago. You know what I mean? Because I saw Bob Watson hit for the cycle in 79, or 80, as a red sock and Memorial Stadium. Dude, I still remember it. I you know, you’ll see a lot of cycles, I went to a lot of ball games in the 90s. In the arts, a lot of ball games under 220 A year sometimes. And seeing somebody hit for the cycle is really, really, the triple is really tough.

Luke Jones  11:15

Yeah, yeah, especially at Camden Yards, maybe. And maybe that’ll change maybe that’s going to change and we’re seeing that change with left field being so big and um, you’ve always had the right field corner that you know, it can be tricky. You went one down the right field line, the right field is playing off the line and bounces rattles around in there a little bit. You can see a triple but not too many of them over the years at Camden Yards. But that was fun. And it’s funny you just mentioned that I’ve seen Mullins now Austin Hays for the cycle last year, Jonathan var did it a few years ago, I feel like I’ve seen has to be one or two opponent opposing hitters do it. Since I’ve been covering the team going back to 2010. I still haven’t seen a no hitter in person. But I’ve now I’ve seen multiple cycles. And you see something like that though on Friday night.

Nestor Aparicio  12:04

No hitter wants look.

Luke Jones  12:08

It’s true. It’s true. But you see something like that. And it’s just your app to want to come back. And I mean, they’re winning. And again, they went another series and 26 and 14. And now you have Otani and the angels coming in and there’ll be some juice for that race and Rodriguez going against him and seeing if he can take a series against an Angels team that hasn’t been great. You know, they’re not bad, but they’re not great either. So it’s just I mean, it’s exciting. And you know, it’s still early, I want to continue to remind everyone about that. And you say that, whether you’re talking about good things or bad things, and they’re still guys on this team scuffling, and, you know, Jorge Mateo look like an MVP and April and he’s really been scuffling and may but it’s part of the ebbs and flows of a baseball season. But you look at this team and where they stand right now. And the kind of territory they find themselves in and knowing what they’re how they’re positioning themselves to go forward. Now, through the final three quarters of the season. It’s gonna be really fun summer. And I mean, what more can you ask for on the heels of the surprise of last year, but still wondering, okay, that was so much fun. There’s optimism, there’s certainly reason to think that this team’s turning the corner. But you don’t really know until you get into the next season. And for them to start off the way that they have. How can you not be excited about it? And I mean, it’s just it’s fun. And as you mentioned, it’s becoming more and more appointment viewing for lots and lots of people who did not feel that way about the Orioles at least going back to say 2017 Well, a couple things. Angels are in town this week. And by the way, people listen to the show. I mean, they really do like they listen to this radio station. They

Nestor Aparicio  13:48

read our work, they read your work. I had a guy run me down last week and say hey, you walk out of a no hitter. Which one was it? I say well, it’s Smith Labor Day. Oh three Jack Murphy stadium might have been called Qualcomm net or they wouldn’t certainly wouldn’t. Pictou lift Jones is here he is Baltimore Luke. We do like talking baseball. My last name is still Aparicio. I went to Janet Jackson courtesy of our friends at CFG bank the other night and people were talking baseball with me there the baseball games were on in all everywhere there was a TV you know i i came back to pee and grab a drink and Bautista has got one out and the knife and place was going crazy and I’m at the I’m at the show Janet Jackson’s like doing pleasure principle and we dealt gets his tax Oreos when it’s a final now so you know I can rest easy and focus on Janet Jackson doing Rhythm Nation and doing all the way. Dude, the city’s coming to light. My kid went to see six at the Hippodrome on Sunday night. Up in downtown five times this week. Janet Jackson was downtown and Anita Baker. What do you do know anything about Anita Baker? I mean, would you do anything about a new Baker? No, I love Anita Baker. Right I reviewed Anita Baker 1987 She was a bit of an Oprah personality you can really sing 35 years ago. She is sung song she played AFRAM a couple years ago, down in the parking lot actually listened from my condo with the window open because I didn’t go over but I love Anita Baker. It was and I’m not making this up. I mean, I’m being you know, I’m sincere, but the toughest ticket in the history of Baltimore concerts. I’ve never seen a ticket. Dude, it was a $290 get it. It was a Mother’s Day show where everybody would want to take their mother to see him and you know, so all of this downtown’s toxic and nobody will come downtown and we the Inner Harbor and port Covington and Lexington like all the things that I talked about with Baltimore positive on a weekend. We’re all these people come downtown, and people are into this. And then on Monday, I’m going to see John Waite, do the pre it’s Preakness week, it’s Preakness week here in our city. This is the biggest week of the year, it was for 100 years, and Otani is in town. And if you can’t see him pitch on Monday, which I’ll be watching John Weeks and missing, singing missing you and changing all their songs. I love over Guinness with some of my rock and roll buddies. But um, he’s gonna play the outfield. I mean, the most famous baseball player on Earth and a guy who talked about Babe Ruth statue outside and the things I’ve seen Jim Abbott is still the most amazing thing I’ve I’ve ever seen in baseball. I’ll just continue to say that inspirational for guys lost the finger to not have an arm. It’s a whole it’s a whole different deal. And but other than that, Dion and our dear friend Brian Jordan, you know, playing a couple of sports and Bo Jackson, it Jeff Prohm wrote the book on him. This Otani thing. It feels like I haven’t seen him play. I had a chance to see a pitcher in New York last year and I didn’t go played here last year. He’s played here a couple of years. This is this is the chance to go see the most famous baseball, two of them open at trout in there, but let’s just stick with Otani that they’re not very good as a team and they haven’t been but to see a player when when the angels would come to town my dad would make sure I go see Nolan Ryan and Frank and Anna pitch

Luke Jones  17:12

I had to laugh at as you just threw trout in there, because he’s not a future Hall of Famer or anything like that. But you’re right. I

Nestor Aparicio  17:18

mean, it’s drink beer with him at three in the morning after the Eagles won the you know, the Super Bowl. So I like my trout. He was nice to me. He was cool. No, I

Luke Jones  17:26

mean, I mean, Mike Trout over the last 20 years, you know, kind of the kind of think about it in the context of post Barry Bonds. I mean, Mike Trout, if you’re talking about a well rounded player, he’s been in

Nestor Aparicio  17:38

as a weaver would say he’s going to the F and Hall of Fame. He Is

Luke Jones  17:41

he is he could he could stop playing today and there would be no doubt about it. But Shohei Otani is different and it’s so funny. I talked about this, I talk baseball with my family. And a lot of times I just feel like they’re humoring me because you know, it’s just what it’s your livelihood. You talk about it constantly, even when you’re not working. But he really is incredible. And it’s one of those things that and how much of it is because he’s playing out in Anaheim and the angels have been good and West Coast and all those different things. But as much as we do talk about him and you and I’ve talked about Otani plenty of times over the last few years, we still don’t talk enough about that’s how incredible it is and what he does. So to have this opportunity to see him pitch, and then he’s going to know he’ll pitch and then I’ll go back to being the DH and hit over the next few days after that. It really is remarkable. And it’s one thing to talk about someone doing both you know, you and you just mentioned a few guys Dion, Brian Jordan guys that play baseball and football right? And look me Dan’s a Hall of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Famer. And he wasn’t a tremendous baseball player, but he was a tremendously talented athlete and did impressive things on the base plate in the big leagues for


15 years and hit 278. So 42 bases, and I don’t know if he had been a Hall of Famer, but he would have been a multiple star, right? We would have been well, but there was always that thought of what and Bo Jackson, the same thing was said,

Luke Jones  19:16

what if he would focus on one or the other, right?

Nestor Aparicio  19:18

Otani is doing both, and he’s doing both at such a high level, um, that ping pong Otani, right. I mean, like, I bet he’s the guy that’s yeah, he

Luke Jones  19:29

would beat you at everything, right. I mean, it can be. It can be chutes and ladders that even kick your butt. I mean, that’s just how incredible he is. And his story is and, again, just to do both is impressive in and of itself, but to do both at such a high level to talk about someone that you put in that MVP and Cy Young Award category. It’s just, it’s utterly remarkable. And look, I don’t know how long he’s going to be able to do this. To this degree. At this high level, I don’t know how long that’s going to last you would think at some point that will start he’ll start.

Nestor Aparicio  20:07

At some point the pitching would fall off and somebody get to him in his era before, right? Like something like that. You can’t make this look sub three era go out every fifth day, take the ball and do it for 2345. See, I mean, to your point, the hitting okay, but once you’re 30 to 33, you know, do you move to the bullpen? I don’t know what I mean, I really don’t know what because it’s almost like having Mark Carroll kowski was the star of our baseball team with Butch, where you’d be like, All right, on the days he doesn’t pitch can you bring him in in the seventh inning? He’s gonna back clean up. So you can back clean up play the outfield? Can he come in and pitch in the night and save us in it? I don’t know. But from a managerial standpoint. It’s like having an extra Queen on the board playing chess.

Luke Jones  20:52

Yeah, no, I think you’re absolutely right. And we even saw that if you recall the championship at the WBC remember. They were kind of figuring out okay, when’s he gonna go out to the bullpen to start warming up? But hey, he’s, he’s due to up forth in this view? Yeah, right. Well, I mean,

Nestor Aparicio  21:07

typically dH is,

Luke Jones  21:08

you know, he hasn’t played much outfield. But it really is incredible. And look, when I say that, I am not saying that to doubt him, or his ability to do this, however long he’s going to do it at this level. It’s to enjoy it. It’s to not wait for that that other shoe to drop. It’s to enjoy it however long it lasts. At this level. I mean, it, it really is incredible. And for anyone who’s a baseball fan, who cares at all about the history of the game. And we’ve always talked about Babe Ruth in this context, right? Babe Ruth could have been a Hall of Fame pitcher if it stuck with it with the Red Sox, but they saw his bat being so valuable. And he became an outfielder and sold to the Yankees rest is history. But to now experience this in the modern day. And for him to not just again, if he just did it and he was a league average pitcher, if he was just a league average starter, that would be incredible. And his value would be extraordinary even being able to do that.

Nestor Aparicio  22:05

guys feel about him who tried to do it every fifth day and can’t at that level, typically got the Gibson’s and these guys we see, you know, been hanging around forever just trying to have one year as good as as he is. Right?

Luke Jones  22:19

That Are you with a sub

Nestor Aparicio  22:21

three era in May you feel really good about your APR, right? Yeah,

Luke Jones  22:25

either that or any of these hitters who might put up the offensive numbers he does. But they struggle to play first base or left field or, or third base. And yet you see him do what he does on defense. Every fifth day as a pitcher, I mean, again, you know, we’re gushing over this guy, but we deserve like, he deserves that. That’s how incredible this is. That’s why him getting that moment and the WBC and going up against trout in that championship even though that was March. I mean, anyone who watched that, I mean, that was just, it was extraordinary. And that’s where you look at this thing. And now we’re gonna see what where his future lies and what’s going to happen there. And I mean, think about it. This guy’s gonna become a free agent Nestor, presumably Yankee. No, but but my

Nestor Aparicio  23:13


Luke Jones  23:14

Sure, sure. I’m not disagreeing but

Nestor Aparicio  23:16

how the DH in the National League it makes it you know, Oh, absolutely. But how can we pony up? Here we go. You know, think

Luke Jones  23:23

about it. How do you value someone like that? That think about it in terms of okay, he hits every night, you know, who wouldn’t be his agent? I mean, think about it. You’re talking about a big time, slugger. But oh, yeah, he’s also a great starting pitcher. I mean, it really wasn’t gonna get 50 million a year. I mean, I’m asking

Nestor Aparicio  23:43

when you deal with them, you expect how much you expect them to do this for five just because somebody’s gonna get him for it. or million, right? I mean,

Luke Jones  23:51

yeah. Oh, absolutely. I mean, that. That might be on the very low end compared to what he’s ultimately going to get. But that’s what is tough because of what I just said. And again, it’s not to doubt him.

Nestor Aparicio  24:02

It’s to just give him the raise the franchise is worth that much. Right. Right. Exactly.

Luke Jones  24:08

And he can move he can play wherever he wants the franchise will follow him right. wants to move the athletics to Reno. Yeah. So I mean, it really is remarkable. And again, I don’t when when I mentioned projecting him out, it’s because there is no precedent I mean, even Babe Ruth only did that for basically four years, you know, and then he became an outfielder and sold to the Yankees. So you can tell I’m excited to see this guy pitch this will be the first time I’ve seen him pitch in person. I’ve seen him hit and play play as a DH several times at this point.

Nestor Aparicio  24:45

But do we feel guilty because I’ve already seen John Wait, sing these songs. So like, all of a sudden you’re making me feel like I really need to get but it’s not. I mean, he’s gonna pitch again and you’ll probably put your Baltimore again. Yeah, several times everything alone, especially

Luke Jones  24:59

with the schedule. And what it is now that that is what as much as interleague play lost its novelty years and years ago. Now you are at a point where you play every team every year. So even if they’re not coming to Baltimore, chances aren’t you know, the following year, you know, it’s going to be one of those deals. So wherever he’s playing, whether it’s with the angels are most likely probably moving on, going here in the not too distant future. It’s gonna be exciting. But on the flip side, and this is where Oreos, she had to say, don’t forget about Grayson Rodriguez, get to see Grayson Rodriguez against Ohtani. And

Nestor Aparicio  25:32

IRAs not under five right now. So we can’t talk about understood, but

Luke Jones  25:35

they’re still what he means for the future and the optimism and just excitement about the young players on this club in general. So yeah, Monday night, I don’t know what the crowd will look like. But anyone who’s there they are in for a treat to get

Nestor Aparicio  25:49

us a couple of $10 tickets, and you and I should go out and be jackasses in the outfield get score. It just has to be above like 75 degrees. I’ve been scrubbed in the outfield before to suit. It wasn’t a lot of fun, you know, especially when you don’t know what’s coming. But there’s the anniversary that coming up this week to 20th anniversary that wow, we’re getting up on yours. But the enthusiasm around all of this is it’s heartwarming for me because I fought for this. And I said to Mike Elias, I’m not the bad guy. I was the guy holding them accountable to find a guy like you to run it. So I’m all for it. I think it’s the I think it’s we’re into a spring where I talked Baltimore positive five years before anybody else is talking Baltimore positive, but a spring now but we’re seeing real changes downtown. People coming downtown people being a part of downtown, Janet Jackson sold out. And Anita Baker sold out. Just blink 182 sold out, just on and on. And on that over the next three, six months, Lamar Jackson footballs around the corner to that we’re building something, we’re building something for the city that the baseball team should be about. And I have said and I will write this at some point soon, because I’ve been doing some writing that I just wanted to get it right. I don’t have this up. I’ve waited, we waited 30 years to get this fixed. If the old man’s eating pudding run the place the right way. I mean, the old man wouldn’t have gone for this squirt thing. He’d seen that on TV, and that just would have been the end of it. It’s an insurance rah rah rah rah strike. All rabid fun. $10 Fair IRA. Yeah, I mean, that’s why this sucked for 30 years. It doesn’t suck right now. Let’s keep it that way. And they don’t have to win the World Series. They just have to be fun. They have to make my summer worthwhile.

Luke Jones  27:33

That’s just you just said something as it pertained to not just the Orioles but everything else going down. And I think back to the movie Field of Dreams. If you build it, they will come there. There are things that people want to see. And they’re going to see it. Imagine that a novel concept and it’s very exciting and it’s fun to to be downtown and to certainly be checking out the Orioles these days.

Nestor Aparicio  27:57

Well give me the little goggles that you your real reporters wear when they they have the champagne and all that and what were those out into the outfield now get an Orange Park look jumps out. You can find him at Baltimore, Luke. I’m not too old to have fun. You know, it looks like people are having fun and fun is what it’s all about showing you Tani’s in town. It is Preakness week around here. I have a whole bunch of Legends picture already. I’m already Mickey I because I cannot have Clem Florio on this week, because I cannot have some of the old dearly departed Charlie lambs and people, but instead I’m going to chase down Ross pet accord some other horse racing legends this week. It’s Preakness week around here. Bob Baffert, the whole deal. John waits in town, we got rock. Bruno Mars is playing on Saturday. I don’t even want to believe that but the real Bruno Mars from Hawaii will be singing and shaking on Saturday out in the infield. It’s a big big week. It’s springtime around here. And Lamar is Raven we are wn st am 15 70,000 Baltimore. And we never stopped talking baseball in Baltimore positive

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