The Hit It Big season is here as Orioles go to bat

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Screen Shot 2023 03 25 at 3.48.05 PM
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Seth Elkin of Maryland Lottery tells us the about 50th Anniversary partners like Costas Inn, hosting the Maryland Crab Cake Tour on April 5th to get ready for baseball season and a chance to play Home Run Riches.


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Seth Elkin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

W en st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively into March even though the chirps are no longer in March Madness, we’re going to have April madness. We’re going to have Opening Day coming up here, and obviously the madness of all things. Lamar Athan here at wn SD. We’re gonna be taking the Maryland crabcakes we’re back out on the road I have these instant lottery. I waited a long time to get these rods. These are the old schoolers. It’s the 50th anniversary of the Maryland lottery. To celebrate they are honoring costus on April 5, we’re going to be a cost. It’s on April 5 as well. Even though I’m wearing my drunk city shirt, couldn’t find a costume shirt. It’s peaceful. But we’re going to be there on the fifth until the five John Mark is going to be joining us in Maryland lottery. I have other guests who are lining up, kicking off baseball season. We’re going to be opening the CSG Bank Arena on the seventh with Bruce Springsteen and the Eagles we’re going to be at fade Lee’s on the seventh during the Maryland crab cake tour in the morning. You know, start a baseball season. Springsteen in town, the Eagles new arena spring all of that happening. puts me in the mood for crab cakes. I gotta get the tour together. John Martin, is it gonna join us next week? I think and I think it’s gonna be part of what we’re doing at Costas. He has sent an emissary, and Seth Alcon and I get together every couple of months. We have a good time. The best part is Seth and I say this for him and his family. Born on to Pittsburgh, traded up and came down here to Maryland to work for the Maryland lottery. It’s always good to have you on my brother what’s going on?

Seth Elkin  01:31

Oh, great to be with you. And I don’t know about trading up I’m always gonna have a little love for my hometown. But this is my adopted hometown. I’m here to stay. You know what

Nestor Aparicio  01:40

I did? recently and I’ve been talking to John about this because I’ve been carrying a buying these belt buckles and getting out on Ebay. I found the old school any Steeler fan will hate Warren Moon right and uh, you know, like, so I got my old school oiler Jersey here. So I’m wearing that so I figured that that if I was a dad, that the Passerini Jersey probably would, Earl Campbell You know, I mean, there was there was there was some more hey, it’s baseball season and the lotteries involved in a lot of things in baseball, and I always kid John and I remember when Carrie Ranchi hit this homerun like 40 years ago with the bases load was grand slam they’re gonna give up million dollars away with a lot of but way, way back in the day. And I think every old school Oriole fan will remember that was a woman that won a million dollars. But the lottery is always involved with baseball, and it’s usually around homeruns. Right?

Seth Elkin  02:29

Yeah, the homerun riches contestant of The Game contest is back. So, you know, everybody that plays the lottery and Oriole fans alike are already familiar with this, of course, we give away $500 to each contestant of the game, you can enter through my lottery rewards by using your homerun purchase tickets winning or non winning homerun purchase tickets and you win $500 If you’re drawn as a contestant of the game, you win another $500 If you are for each homerun that the Warriors hit during your game, but we got a 50th anniversary twist.

Nestor Aparicio  02:59

My wife wants to do this. So she now wants to do the home on Rich’s tickets correct. And then use my when she uses the app. She’s always on the app. I mean, that’s how she checks whether she’s hit the big one or not. And by the way, when the big one got the 250 million we pulled in the world farm so they you know she’s buying she is she’s the jackpot chaser my wife.

Seth Elkin  03:22

But what like Like everything else around here this year, we got a 50th anniversary twist to the homerun riches promotion because when the Orioles hit their 50th Home run this season, whoever the contestant is in that game is going to win $50,000 So that is going to be a very important home run to someone no doubt it’ll be an important run to the Orioles of course and we’re excited for that we think there’s going to be a lot of buzz around that and excited to be able to give away that $50,000 prize plus another $50,000 prize. At the end of the promotion the last drawing we do monthly drawings in homerun riches and the last drawing on August 29 We’re going to have another $50,000 prize so a couple of extra twists to that promotion that everybody is no doubt familiar with but we’re happy to to throw those in there because it’s a special year for us

Nestor Aparicio  04:09

well I’m sure we’ll find those in the machines over cost us on the fifth and as we move along to the Maryland crab cake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends at window nation we’re gonna be out doing this having fun watching baseball getting ready for the season. I’ve gotten her Henderson wins my wife 50 grand you’ll be my favorite Oriole ever

Seth Elkin  04:26

and you know that that event it cost is there’s a there’s a game scheduled for right at that time we’re gonna be there in the middle of the afternoon and the Orioles are playing in Texas that afternoon before they come home the next day for the home opener so yeah we’re looking forward to that

Nestor Aparicio  04:42

we’re gonna we’re gonna bring some folks together April 5 will be Costas on the seventh we’re down to fate Lee’s also got new dates Captain Larry’s we’re going to be down a Federal Hill we’re going to be Pappas up in Bel Air I booked some guests for that so good things are happening in April around are good things happen with the Maryland lottery as well. You know, I just as an aside If you’re sort of long time, young old timers John Steadman used to say, at the lottery, this 50th anniversary, and you know, I’ve got the ticket, or one of my Facebook friends played it. And they had won. And they hadn’t checked the prize yet. So it was like, they knew they had won, but they didn’t see the bracket. And I said, you want the five? No, I don’t know I have, it’s just last night, I haven’t gone back. But you have all of these special 50th anniversary and even the throwback thing here. And you’re a little younger than me, and you’re not from Maryland. But I remember when he like when I saw these things. I’m like, Oh, my God, it looks like it years ago, there’s so much is put into this. And I know for the employees there, it’s been kind of fun, that this 50th anniversary, it’s different. It’s unique. There’s stories to be told, and we’re going to be telling one of them, which is the day the Maryland lottery open, one of the first places they sold a ticket was it cost this, which is why we’re doing the cost. And you have lots of stories of packaged goods, liquor stores that are still here. 50 years later.

Seth Elkin  05:57

Yeah. And it’s something that’s going to be a lot of fun for us. First of all, a lot of creative energy went into all of the initiatives and promotions that we’re rolling out throughout the year. And we’re finally glad that 2023 got here. So we can start sharing all this with everybody. Because there was a lot of work that went on behind the scenes for for a good part of last year, I think,

Nestor Aparicio  06:15

talking about it before the plague at the luncheon like 50th anniversary is coming up 28 Literally, it is been that big of a deal. I’ve been to a busy city for three years now, there has been a ramp up to this for sure. And it’s been a lot of fun.

Seth Elkin  06:30

And we’re really looking forward to being able to celebrate it with the retailers, as you mentioned, because they’re a huge part of this. And we have a partnership there that goes back many, many years. It goes back decades, with places like Costas and others. And we’re going to be doing a series of these where we’ll go out and recognize some of what we call our our legacy retailers, longtime retailers who have been with us for most of those 50 years. So we’re really looking forward to that it’s gonna be a lot of fun for us. And also fun, as you say, to look back at the history and look back at the logos and I’m gonna grab this these tickets just launched this. Wow,

Nestor Aparicio  07:03

look at that. Hold on. I gotta get that toppling. That’s the old lottery lights.

Seth Elkin  07:09

That is Yep, this is the the Maryland lottery logo ticket. This is a $1 ticket that just launched on Monday. So I guess you probably don’t have any of these, you may have seen him in the stores, because they should be out there now. But this one to me is a lot of fun. First of all, the $1 tickets don’t get a lot of love for people, because everybody uses the prize, the top prize on $1 tickets $1,000. People want to play for bigger prizes. So they may be focused on on higher price tickets. But these are fun. We have this for different scenes for different images on this ticket of the of the logos from the history of the lottery going all the way back as you say to the wishbone that the twin win wishbone design, from all the way back in 1973. And I love this and it’s so appropriate that you had your Warren Moon Jersey a second ago, because this to me this ticket is the lotteries version of a throwback jersey. So we don’t have we don’t have jerseys to give out. But we have we have throwback tickets to sell. And I don’t know Do you have a favorite throwback jerseys that Warren Moon the one for

Nestor Aparicio  08:08

1,000,000% Yeah, you like I sort of stopped this. Look, I gave up the Oilers when the Ravens came right so I was a huge I’ve been on the radio 31 years said We’re celebrating our 25th anniversary of wn S T. We went into business August 3 of 1998. So that was less than two years two and a half years of Raven football offseason because the team moved here November 95. Started playing really basing their their business here in the spring of 96. So I was on the air for five years trying to get the football team here. During those five years the Oilers lost that incredible game with the bills. I was on the radio the Monday morning after that. There was no thought we were ever having a football team here. It was the biggest loss in history where everyone was literally wearing this jersey there was wearing the white like literally this was the jersey they wore that game in Buffalo when they were the whites on the road and the blue at home. And I couldn’t afford that jersey in 1980 I was wearing i i could have afforded it I worked the sun I made money, but I wasn’t going to spend 100 bucks on a jersey you know like they were outrageously overpriced because they had team logo on it right? So I never owned any of the stuff and then the Ravens happened here. And I own some Euler stuff, I mean cool Euler stuff, but I sort of denounced it I didn’t burn it I put it in a box I still have it all at pom poms, hats I was an oiler fan like huge crazy love you blew traveled with the games did all of that. And then the Ravens happens I had to kind of give it up. So the interesting thing for me is for a little while the Titans obviously in the in the Tennessee Oilers and Eddie George and steaming there. We had a serious clash. It was Hatfields and McCoys before the Steelers ravens thing. There was a raven type thing. It was featured in the Baltimore bullies, right. So the jerseys look similar. I became purple. It’s been 25 years the Ravens threw me out you probably know that. But so I’ve just decided that I’m gonna go back. And this is not offensive to anybody. The Oilers can’t beat anybody. They can’t lose anybody. They’re never going to win. You know what I mean? They’re never going to win the Super Bowl. Right? And, and it fits, I got one that this actually fits it’s, I can wear it, and it breathes well. So I’m a throwback guy. And that’s probably why I look at that lottery ticket. And I see that old Marilyn lot that the black one right up top there. That is, you know, there’s nobody my age here that wouldn’t say God, I haven’t seen that. 25 years. Oh, my God, look at that. You’re gonna be thought I want one of those. Right?

Seth Elkin  10:40

I think you and I maybe because we both started in print journalism may have rested peace, that you have an appreciation for printed media, right? If there’s something about it when you see the appearance of it. And this is the kind of stuff I mean, not lottery tickets, but printed media is the kind of stuff I frame and hang on my wall. So I’m into that. And it just appeals to me from a nostalgia standpoint. I really liked the look of that.

Nestor Aparicio  11:02

I just took my newspapers out of here. I showed them in five segments. I was at an antique shop in Shrewsbury on my way to stay college this weekend. And I was looking at old trinkets and old clippers stuff stuff that could I afford 75 bucks for the pennant for the wall. Yes. I didn’t buy it. Right. So it’s, it’s what like the moon jersey 30 years ago, I just was sort of like, no, no, I’m out on that too much. I’ll do something else with that. Right. And I found two newspaper piles that were that 1966 News American where I got my first gig with John Steadman predicting that the Orioles would beat the Dodgers the World Series. Wow. Yeah. So I found the section and I found the the banners. And then there was the Baltimore Sun. And I bought that and that has the iconic picture of McNally and and Brooks Robinson jumping in each other’s arms and six, six, my cousin was on the 66 Oreos. I figured there’d be some reading in there. nine bucks. Five bucks for the cost of a inexpensive lottery ticket. I came in with $14 a treasure trove. And to your point, just seeing the old news American logo in blue because it was the Sunday edition in October 2 of 1966. Like, yeah, nostalgia meet and I guess Frogger you gotta Frogger game, right? Like, but but I mean for the lottery. Nostalgia is a big, big part of a selling point, whether it’s a Brady Bunch ticket or an old school, whatever monopoly whatever games you’re playing, you’re trying to evoke a time and a feeling and get people playing I played a lot of Frogger. Man,

Seth Elkin  12:38

this the scratch off tickets really give us the flexibility to do that because of the artwork because of licensed properties like Frogger. Since you mentioned $3 frog or ticket just went on sale this week as well and it’s got a second chance contest attached to it. We’re going to give away three Frogger home arcade units.

Nestor Aparicio  12:55

So overall, over down in the middle of the street,

Seth Elkin  12:59

depending on how bad you were at that game, you might or might not want to win that

Nestor Aparicio  13:03

sound that sound swish. Remember that?

Seth Elkin  13:07

I remember it all too well, because I was absolutely awful at playing flogger.

Nestor Aparicio  13:12

Yeah I was a perfect time guy myself.

Seth Elkin  13:15

But we again we were from the same vintage we probably both remember the Atari 2600 gaming system and playing this game years ago and then it at so you’re right it isn’t an Ostalgie thing and it’s very much a selling point for people who remember the nostalgia of the 80s or this Daljit of the 70s with the the old school logos.

Nestor Aparicio  13:35

The internet knows me and I got served an ad like not an ad a Twitter it wasn’t an ad at all. It was it was a it was a post. It was a Kmart ad from the Atari Games. And they did the math like the Atari was like 159 bucks and 1978 they did the math it’s like an 800 You know like it today be like your parents really dug you if they got you that at the Kmart got it on layaway, back seven, eight or seven. You know, it’s kind of early early on. Seth Elkins here what are you communication stood did the assistant to the director to the director, do you say what are give me the

Seth Elkin  14:09

acting communications director for the moment and in having a lot of fun with that and a lot of work and a lot of fun. We have a lot going on this year because of the 50th anniversary and of course, we also are continuing to grow the sports wagering program so that’s something that I have to keep track of as well. So what happened a lot of things

Nestor Aparicio  14:28

so much Sam and acting radio host here I’m acting like one right now. John Martin is going to join us on the fifth I want to promote again we’re going to be giving away if I had my way I’m getting down at Ross and get some of those one dollars to but you win more money with the $2 So I got to the instant lottery scratch offs from the merit lottery be given these way you can buy the $50 and try to win 5 million, certainly for my wife and I want to make sure I almost screwed up said it was it was it was Powerball it’s Mega Millions over 300 million this week. That gets my wife’s attention in a big big way. 300 million does that I still would be an acting radio host if I if my wife wins the jackpot here. You know for you guys, this is a time of the year where spring happens. You mentioned the Orioles you guys are sort of ubiquitous with the Orioles and the Ravens and getting out and doing things and being at fairs. And I know the state fair you guys are doing a big promotion there as well. I’ve seen Ross added trifectas in different places and spinning wheels. You guys are getting back out and the plague really knocked out everything at 20 and 21. You couldn’t plan 22 We didn’t know this 50th anniversary in the things you’re doing. I think you guys are doing a whole lot more on the street as well this year.

Seth Elkin  15:34

Yeah, we are back to what I would call a full event schedule. And in normal circumstances, we’re at probably 100 events a year. And particularly as you say this time of year once we get into April, May June and over the summer, it’s every single weekend. We’ve got something we’re going to be at beer bourbon and barbecue. We were at the home and garden show the last couple of weeks.

Nestor Aparicio  15:53

I want to be a beer bourbon barbecue rag. I want some beer and some barbecue. No we all don’t. Exactly.

Seth Elkin  16:00

Maybe a little too much. I don’t know. Well, he

Nestor Aparicio  16:03

does a great job and you guys have fun at all these any events where people are looking for you guys, maybe you let them spin the wheel maybe you have to be a trinket maybe they’ll get a scratch off they come out to the Maryland lottery a crab cake tour with us but I gotta get you out for a crab cake. Do you have a title for this?

Seth Elkin  16:20

I will be there Costas. I’m planning to be there. So I’m looking forward to that and I will try the crab cake if I get time to do so. Yeah.

Nestor Aparicio  16:27

So if I put you and John on the show together, you got to be nice to him because you work for him or like

Seth Elkin  16:32

well as as nice as a Browns fan and the Steelers can can beat each other with a Ravens fan with a Ravens fan. Yeah. Oh, we didn’t Well, I don’t know if we need a Bengals fan. Does anybody need a Bengals fan? I don’t know.

Nestor Aparicio  16:43

Well, I mean, the Browns fan to kick around. Oh, that’s right, John. We got to tell John that when he gets here, but we’ll get John back on next week. Seth is sitting in this week doing all things Maryland lotteries, we as you know a sponsoring all the things we’re doing here. So I’ll give you a little love. Backstage when I’m putting together here that you guys are obviously a part of the crabcake tour. This is our 25th anniversary August 3, we’re celebrating that, but they don’t I want to do oysters this year, because I’m doing crab cakes. You know the rest of the year, I wanted because the oysters are the way the crabs live, right wasters create oxygenation, to keep crabs alive in our bay. And I like oysters, and I liked them almost any way you could have an oyster, but I rarely order them. Right I’m in a place where there’s a crab cake, or there’s a burger or there’s, there’s something above oysters on the menu, but I’m gonna give the oyster it’s due in September. And I’m going to go around and I’m going to have the casino the oysters the Rockefeller the fried the soup, the stew, the you know all of it, I’m going to have raw all different ways different toppings. So I’m doing that for for my atoll. I’m celebrating 25 years I’m eating is what I’m going to do. So

Seth Elkin  17:55

I don’t know, we’re celebrating with a whole lot of games. That’s how that’s how we’re so given a lot of money by giving away a lot of prizes. $42 million in prizes that we gave away last week, partly because of that $5 million prize that we gave away over 50 years ticket we got the first one of those give me

Nestor Aparicio  18:10

the lowdown on this because I’ve had two schools of thought. And John and I even talked about this like inside drops like $50 Are they ready for a $50 ticket. And it’s the it’s a little rich in some you know, like where we are. And the first time I was aware of my drug city shirt, and I had chuck on the show and George we were doing the crabcake tour with Calvin state and down there. And the first thing he says we can’t keep these in because like the chance of winning 5 million and thinking about what $50 Look, I’m not saying $50 But from like from a wagering perspective and sports wagering and what you would bet on a game or what you would bet on a hand of blackjack or where you would be this game has been like wildly crazy popular, right? Like the drug city people said they had trouble keeping the tickets in and they weren’t sure that they were going to be able to sell them.

Seth Elkin  18:55

And you know, what we always want to remind people of since you mentioned that is to play responsibly play within your limits within your means. And remember that it’s entertainment and like any form of entertainment, you would go into it with an idea in mind of how much you want to spend and you’re not going to go over that like if you’re gonna go to the Orioles game, you might

Nestor Aparicio  19:14

use Springsteen because his tickets are too expensive and I wrote them and I paid a really fair price and then I paid an outrageous price and when I paid outrageous price I don’t feel good about it. So I have you watch it i i go into it. My wife knows I’m Springsteen crazy gets going again, I’m like, only 100 bucks. I didn’t do for hunt. You know, I have a limit. i And i i overspent my limit for Springsteen last weekend, and I didn’t have as much fun because I don’t like it and it doesn’t feel as good. And I think the same thing principle would be here to say hey, you know, you can be a winner. You don’t need to, but don’t don’t put yourself in a in a bad circumstance and it’s

Seth Elkin  19:51

deciding what you want to spend. It may be you’re willing to pay what it costs to sit in the upper deck but you’re not willing to pay what it costs to sit right behind home plate in the first row. would be on TV all day for the entire game. So, you know,

Nestor Aparicio  20:03

I spent all that money on Springsteen, I didn’t get the Clippers banner that I really wanted.

Seth Elkin  20:10

At Springsteen, I don’t know, Springsteen is a long show, you want to sit somewhere you be in a seat where you can sit down, right? Because,

Nestor Aparicio  20:17

you know, there, you got to know your limit. You know what I mean? I’ve been to five shows that can’t do any more, you know, I have a budget, which is exactly what I’m saying. And we’ve reminded everybody as long as we have fun with it, but there are opportunities to play now in a way that it’s it can be dangerous. I’ve known people that have an addiction to have a problem. And we just want to let everybody know, doors recently open, be cool with this. And that’s

Seth Elkin  20:43

a way to play in a way that’s fun for you. And when it’s not fun, stop and talk to somebody and it doesn’t necessarily mean you know, call one 800 gamble for helping me just talk stop and talk to somebody about it.

Nestor Aparicio  20:53

100 Springsteen right now. Well, we in all sincerity all month long, it’s it’s important because people are and there’s basketball games this weekend. Baseball starts next week, you know, and you can get help one another gambler. There’s one phone line for anybody that needs help, please take advantage of that. Because we do have fun around here. And I’ve given them out for free at cost this. So come on out. It’s the 50th anniversary of the Maryland lottery, our 25th anniversary, I didn’t even get the properly. Two years ago Costas did their 50th anniversary, it happened during the plague, because the shirts say 1971, right. And they got did all this stuff. And I never really sat with the family. Because they run for me. They’re all camera shy, you know. And so but they’re all going to come. So I’ve told them all on the fifth and said look, lotteries coming up, you’re on your best behavior. 50 years, you got to do my show. So I think I’m gonna get some old school horse racing stories, some old school East Baltimore stories, and I really want to know what Mr. Costas thought, when the lottery came in and said legal numbers, we’re gonna have a window here in 1973, I’m fascinated by the computers or what generated your ticket back in 1973. Set. So for me, it’s a little bit of a historical journey with the lottery to to say, Man, how did they get the tickets out? How did you win? How did the How was was it on the up and up back. And then because I’m sure the guidelines were very, very, it was controversial 50 years ago.

Seth Elkin  22:24

And the technology has certainly come a long way. And we just upgraded our system. I shouldn’t say just because it’s several years ago now. But we had gone a stretch of about 10 years, where we hadn’t upgraded our central system that runs the terminals and the whole back end of things. So it is a major undertaking when you do have to get into that. And the technology behind it is really incredible.

Nestor Aparicio  22:46

Southwest Airlines were talking about that with me as well. Oh, my my wife preferred the technology she came down. When I picked up these these tickets, these beautiful tickets, I’ll be given away I came to the offices that the old monkey boards building in the Southwest Baltimore, and my wife was with me because we were going over to drug city to do our show. And she came and she saw the whole thing. And she really did think when I got this gig that I was going to be the one pulling the bear ball, you know, the little, the little pin pinball, the little ping pong ball. And so that was the old system. I think we all saw that inaction.

Seth Elkin  23:19

Yep, that’s been in, you know, in another place where we’ve upgraded technology to course we do the drawings by a computer system now, rather than the ball. So when

Nestor Aparicio  23:28

you guys do the throwback to the ball sucking machine and do that one night, I want to be the guy that, you know, I was kid curtain q1 about that. And it’s a reflection like I always wanted to be the one that pulled the ball or just the representative the witness that checked it all out and got the dress nice. So you get to be that guy Seth Alcon is here. He does all things communicating in the communication side of all things on Maryland lottery and making sure that things are on the up and up. We’re gambling responsibly. We’re giving tickets away. We’re having fun and we’re celebrating 50 years of the Maryland lottery and I will see you on April 5. I’m looking forward to have you had a Costas crabcake yet

Seth Elkin  24:03

I have not I’m embarrassed to admit I have not but that’s gonna change here in a couple of weeks. Well, listen,

Nestor Aparicio  24:08

I’m getting a couple things I need to tell you about costs. I tell everybody this okay? Crab cakes, delicious. Crabs. Delicious. I don’t want to if you’re making one trip I’m not going to talk you out of getting them okay, but crab Imperial ridiculously delicious in any way. The mushroom caps have the crab Imperial in them go to it to go to for me more than the crab cakes. They’re more than the crabs there. I get the mushroom cast. And the other thing and this is going to be completely off the reservation you’re going to be like I don’t even like spinach. Get their cream spinach. And if you like oysters get the Rockefeller with the cream spinach on the oysters. So there’s are two sort of off the grid bought crab soups, phenomenal. I mean, I can go on and on. But don’t sleep on the crab Imperial and don’t sleep on the spinach. This is why

Seth Elkin  24:57

we had to make sure you were going to be there because who else To get menu recommendations from right

Nestor Aparicio  25:03

for skinny guy, I’m an expert. I eat a lot for skinny South Africans here for the Maryland lottery. We encourage everybody to play responsibly, especially if you’re playing these mobile wager games over the weekend with basketball. Hang in there March Madness brackets baseball, we got it all going on homerun riches. We will be doing it on the fifth and celebrating 50 years John will be with us will be a cost. And then on the seventh we’re going to be fatally celebrating the opening of a new arena downtown Bruce Springsteen sit down, opening days happening. The Maryland crab cake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends at window nation 866 90 nation you buy two you get to free 0% for 24 months. Take advantage of that zero percents going away. We’re finding that out. Seth, I’ll see you soon. Okay. All right. I am Nestor. We are wn st am 15 70,000 Baltimore and we never stop talking. Baltimore positive

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