Watching the O’s play tonight…

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Where the hell IS everyone???

So they did a "tribute" to Hagy in front of about 5,000 people (or maybe less!) tonight.

Erik Bedard is on the hill. He’s the leading candidate to win th Cy Young Award.

Tickets to the game are $7!!!


Sure, it’s a little chilly (68 degrees at game time), BUT where is EVERYONE????

They must’ve not realized it’s SAMMY SOSA’s (one of five players with 600 or more lifetime jacks!) triumphant return to Baltimore!!!!


The ballpark is EMPTY tonight…whew! It looks like April 11th!!!

A Cy Young Award candidate, Hagy getting "honored," 1983 prices to get in AND a future Hall of Famer’s return to Baltimore all in the same night for $7!!!!

(I guess most of you will not be "lining up" for tomorrow night’s 5 p.m. "twi-night" doubleheader for $12 then?)

Miguel Tejada just went yard, it’s 3-zip and you know what?

I hope Bedard throws a no-hitter tonight.

Would be poetic justice for him to toss a "no-no" en route to a Cy Young Award and getting to celebrate it with the smallest August crowd I’ve ever seen in that ballpark on the night when the greatest fan legend the organization will ever know was being honored.

Maybe Bedard would comment during the champagne celebration as to what "bad" fans we are?

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