Webb reportedly restructures deal with Ravens


A week after the Ravens traded one of the best players in franchise history because of a negotiating impasse, veteran cornerback Lardarius Webb is reportedly staying put.
According to CBS Sports, the sides agreed to renegotiate what remains of a six-year, $50 million contract signed in 2012. Originally scheduled to make $8 million in base salary in 2015, Webb will instead receive $6 million, which would appear to lower his cap figure from $12 million to $10 million for the coming season if no other maneuvering was done.
Armed with less than $8 million in cap space before the signing of veteran safety Kendrick Lewis to a three-year deal, the Ravens knew they would need to clear more cap room to make further additions this offseason. Webb can now make roughly $18 million over the final three years of his deal if playing-time incentives are reached, according to The Sun. This would indicate Webb’s scheduled base salaries of $8 million in 2016 and $8.5 million in 2017 were also reduced.
The restructuring appears to be a reasonable compromise after the sides had been negotiating for weeks. Coming off a disappointing 2014 campaign even by his own admission, Webb will still receive a $6 million base salary, which would currently be the 13th-highest in the NFL for 2015. However, a look at the bloated contracts a number of cornerbacks have received in free agency indicated there would have been a good market for Webb despite his underwhelming play.
Had the Ravens cut Webb, they would have received only $2 million in cap savings, which is what they’ll pick up with the adjusted contract while still retaining the 29-year-old defensive back’s services. A release with a post-June 1 designation would have saved the Ravens $8 million in space, but those resources would not have been available until long after most free agents of any substance had already found homes.
General manager Ozzie Newsome traded five-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle Haloti Ngata to the Detroit Lions last week after the sides failed to agree to a contract extension to reduce a $16 million cap hit for the 2015 season.


  1. I was very surprised Webb restructured his contract. It had been previously reported that he was reluctant to take a pay cut. My understanding is that he will be making 2 million less this coming season. Even an injured Webb is better than the shock troops we strutted out there the end of last season. On a related note, I read where Chykie Brown re-signed with the Giants. The corner position is getting like left handed relievers in baseball. As long as you have a pulse, and you’re a port sider, you have a job in baseball. I hope Ozzie is able to find some more “serviceable” db’s. The NFL has evolved into a passing league. We need personnel that can defend the pass.
    (L.J. — Definitely still need to add another one and you’re right about corners. Very little quality and even decent ones are expensive on the open market unless you’re lucky enough to come across a Corey Graham-type player.)

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