“Welcome Matt” Party is at The Nest at 5 p.m. (I scored a pair!)

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With gallons of orange kool aid in both hands (not to mention ice cold Bud Light) we will be holding a “Welcome Matt Wieters To Baltimore” celebration (and coronation) at The Nest on Pratt Street at 5 p.m. Friday. Please tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc. to drop by and raise a civic toast for Messiah Matt at 6 p.m. at the main bar! It’ll be a Kodak moment!

A generous listener “donated” a pair of seats and off to Birdland we go looking for a “defining moment” and Matt Wieters’ first big-league at bat. If he’s THIS special, I want to say “I was there” like every other fan who has been loving the Orioles since 1973 or beyond.

I will be on the air from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and we’ll be running the Coors Light King of Baltimore Sportstalk finale from Padonia Station from 4 til 6. Thyrl Nelson will be in at his usual time with the Mobtown Sports Beat.

Special thanks to the mystery guy for the tickets. (I hope they’re upstairs with all of the rowdy kids!)

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Special thanks to The Nest for hosting a party on short notice. Come early, say hello and let’s have some fun with baseball for a night (or for a change?).

A Friday night in a full Camden Yards might actually inspire me and help everyone actualize how much fun baseball can be in Baltimore. (Not to mention all the fun we’ve been missing the past 12 years!)

We need to have some fun and I’m gonna be plenty lubricated. It should be a great night!

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