Who is watching baseball tonight?

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It’s 8:17 and I’m watching baseball. Beautiful night here in Baltimore and there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than on the couch watching the “always pivotal” Game 4.

So it’s Tim Wakefield and Paul Byrd, who have both been members of the ‘bum of the month” club during their careers. Who the hell knows how this one is gonna go?

Will big Papi hit three homers en route to a 11-3 rout of the Tribe en route to immortality? Or will Paul Byrd throw a three-hit, eight-strikeout gem?

Just tune into some pretty great drama, and the vibe in Jacobs Field is ELECTRIC tonight. You can feel it coming through the television set in high-def!

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Gotta say it (and I’m clearly a marketing guy myself), these commercials for this movie are beyond embarrassingly annoying. It makes me NOT want to see the movie!

My wife is talking Red Sox smack. I’m somehow watching these poor Clevelanders longing for something to brighten their pathetic sports lives.

And honestly, I really don’t care who wins, although the Red Sox moving forward helps my marriage over the next week or two. It’s fun having a wife that loves sports and loves baseball.

But, tonight, I’m just a fan — like I was in 1980s. My team doesn’t have to be involved for ME to be involved.

And, unlike in the 1990s, when I went to most of these games and did reports from the field, it’s just nice and cozy on the couch and I enjoy Joe Buck and Tim McCarver, even if McCarver annoys most of the world. Joe Buck is also a really great guy with a wicked sense of humor and an endless work ethic. I’m a big Slam-alama-ding-dong guy!

So, to me it feels BIG tonight — like the whole world is watching and even some people who don’t “normally” watch baseball so much anymore might take a peak and see what all the noise is about.

The now MIGHTY Red Sox — forever the losing underdog — are now a HEAVY favorite on the ropes.

It’s kinda like tuning into Ali in trouble in the sixth round.

Which way is it gonna go?

And, is anybody watching?

If you’re not … you should be!!!

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